Southern Holland-Delft

Delft is a beautiful city in southern Holland. Famous for its blue pottery.It is one of the popular cities that tourists often go.But do u know that Delft exploded once upon a time and much of the city is ruined?Hmm…

Hey the road is breaking up …hehe! It is raising because there are some ships passing by….Cool.

They have one of the largest markets every certain day of the week.

This is one of my intriguing moments of mixture feelings…

Entrance fees -$3.30 Euro .Ok Im gonna attempt climbing. Bismillah.

This new church has a souvenir shop inside…

Climbing the church tower…

Not for the faint hearted and I really mean it. Not for those who are scared of heights and scared of small narrow space and those with heart problems.No lift or elevator, so once u climb, there is no turning back. U must be kinda fit to climb these steps. Its musky, narrow and there was a moment where I got claustrophobic for a moment because I cannot see the ending.

It seems endless and my mind start to create wild imaginations of many “what ifs i fell down” and many more “what ifs…The steps are quite narrow so u must be careful in placing ur feet. If one mistep, and u might fell .And also certain parts there are low ceiling ,so gotta watch for that too.

Total about 370steps (I think so..cos the truth is I forgot… even though I count 2X up and down *sigh)

The height is equivalent to a 30 storey height flat.My buddy told me that it is only 12storey tall and so I agree to climb.Felt kinda cheated but it’s ok,(I already whack her butt hee!) the view is splendid.So its worth ur while and ur temporary fears.

The bells….

Unbelievable scenery…

Loss for words…

Jaw opening..picturesque view

This is the only HALAL shop I can find here. It’s muslim owned and they dont sell alcoholic beverages.

The layout of the shop kind alike provision shop with everything inside.Music cds are sold too.

Candy and sweets

Varieties of olives…

We bought the chicken and lamb satay. It looked good. Indeed it tasted delicious (scroll below at the bottom to see the cooked version)

I dunno how to describe Helva.The owner let us taste a bit… But the left hand side are fresh FIGS!! i love figs!! Do eat the whole thing please.Dont be like me, I ate without the skin. I went to peel it..ignorantly…hee!

Baklava…sweet delights..
This borek – Filled with cheese and spinach.Do u want the recipe?

45minute canal ride for $6Euro

Beneath, there is a nest…water chicken’s nest.Built from anything they can find floating by..sometimes, I can see ice-cream wrappers and cans and packets that were thrown in the river into these nests.This is the true meaning of recycling….

Organic cafe cum supermarket….

There are many kebab shops like below but most of them sell Varken (pork).
Beautiful drawings/graffiti

The old one…

Old parking machine…

Look at these swans….the young ones are in grey…the father is at the other canal.The mother and kids are here (I wonder why he drifted apart?)

Antique shop…

Old school….

Oh my..look at these glorious quaint clogs….

If u look closely at the buildings, there are lil monuments on them.Look below, do u see the tiny bible on top of subway?

Lots of shopping streets.The prices are slightly expensive than Rotterdam.

Miss Kebap is a new food eatery.Im not sure whether its HALAL because its closed, under renovation or something.

Art pieces all over the city…

Lots of cafe around…

There is a certain royal emblem on certain shops. I think it symbolises that the Royal family frequent these shops.

I’ve never seen the canals covered in so much water lilies leaves and green stuff (I assume it as algae/some said it to be kelp..err…spirulina perhaps?hmm).Expecting to see my frog prince hiding within… Where are u my prince?

Im not sure whether this restaurant is HALAL because its closed.

Oh my…these fire hydrants are so colourful….where else can u get 3 different colours in 1 city?

This indian restaurant is HALAL but they served alcoholic beverages (we asked the staff).They serve vegetarian food as well.

Oh my..these flowers are beautiful.Remind me of the luminous delicious bandung drink at Clementi ave.2…

What are these?

These are called helicopter leaves. If you take a piece (separate it) and let it fall on the ground, it will swirl in a circular motion almost like the blades on a helicopter.Beautiful!

We reached home but instead of feeling tired from the Delft trip.We felt energised and wanted to try baking a dutch crumbly pie which we had put off many times.

In case u are wondering, we buy instant mix pie flour but the apples-we marinate with coats of karneel powder and suiker (cinnamon and sugar)and bake them.

The verdict? Fantabulous mouth watering crumbly pie.Not bad for first timers like me. (Most credits go to my femme fatale roomy)

And what’s for dinner? Green spicy chicken curry with kas-kas (poppy seeds). Delicious!

The best for last-Remember the satay that we bought at the HALAL store? (above)

Verdict: One of the best! This chicken and lamb satay is delicious. Its different from our satay but the mediterranean spices are well absorbed by the meat.And the side fats are good too.It elevate the taste even more.Mamamia.
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