South Holland-Let’s watch the stars in Dordrecht

I love looking up….in the skies.When I was very young, I caught myself staring at the moon for hours.Wondering how it get up there…

Then as I grew, the fascination with stars,planets,the skies and anything beyond … grew…Interestingly, the stars are used for navigation …

Anyway, everytime, I went to an observatory, its either too early or too cloudy (read my Los Angeles Observatory post in May 09) luck of watching a clear sky and the stars upclose and personal. Hmm…

Ok,this observatory started out as a brainchild of a group of hobbyist.As time goes, the government help out in their funding and now, it is one of the popular places to visit.

Sterrenwacht Mercurius
Baanhoekweg 75
0184-490662 (FAX)

Opening times-Only the 1st friday of the month has extended hours till 11pm

Guess what is my weight on the Moon and other planets? Sshh..secret…
The Meteorites…

I was so excited that the roof is opening up that I did a lil jiggety jaggety dance (didnt realised the kids were watching me..oops)


One of my roomie knew the owner and so we get ourselves a free hot beverage and a lil spekulaas (dutch favourite biscuit which tasted like gingerly biscuit)

Oh well, I guess I can always play Lego with my new friend here…. *a bit disappointed..Alhamdulillah, I learn lots from my trip here.(the texts are mostly in Dutch language)

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