Rotterdam part 12-Mosques

There are many mosques in Rotterdam. Some are newly built and some are old schools or churches that were made into mosques.

Ok, these are the pictures that we took (Thanks Homeys, for helping me out!)There are much more mosques in Rotterdam….if I got a whole year there perhaps, I can cover them all insya-Allah but for now these are what we got…

Travel tip/trick: Some mosques (a few) do not have a place for female muslimahs (cos probably the females love to solat at home) but dont worry, just take wudhu from hotel/whereever (its best to keep ur wudhu at all times)…bring ur own praying dress (or if u are already dressed like me,then no worries)and ask, If they dont have the female area, they will bring u to an office or somewhere else where u can pray in ur own space. Few words of arabic would be helpful cos no matter where in the world u are, if u want to enter mosques and communicate to the muslims in the mosques, the basic language is still Arabic.

Vredesplein-Essalam Mosque (still under construction)

Gravendijkwal-Pakistan Islamic Centre

Snellemanstraat-Abu Bakar Mosque

Mevlanaplein-Mevlana mosque

Insulindestraat-Iskender Pasa Mosque

Erasmusstraat-Gültepe Kamii

Duyststraat-Merkez Kamii mosque

Gouwstraat-Laleli Kamii

Boezemdwarsstraat-Othman mosque

Allard Piersonstraat-An Nasr Mosque

Orangeboomstraat-Anadolu Kamii

Orangeboomstraat-El Mochinne Mosque

Islamitche Universiteit-Islamic University

Erasmus University -There is one surau there, just ask any muslim students.

p.s: It felt kinda strange that in the same vicinity there are 2 different mosques- Moroccan and Turkish… (cos pardon my 2cents worth of thoughts) think that if they combine perhaps they can get a bigger mosque or perhaps combine to get a school or something with better facilities.

But dont worry, u can enter any mosques anywhere in the world (irregardless who built it) insya-Allah if ur niat/intention is one and insya-Allah with His guidance….(cos our pillars of faith are the same and all muslims follow the Quran and Sunnah-one direction so no matter how the way we do things might differ sometimes/different way of life,culture and countries, our direction is one)

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