Roadtrip part 1 -ARLON, Belgium

Ok, this is tricky and sticky…

Come closer, and look carefully..get ur grandma glasses….do u see what I see at the window glass? Hmm..

There are some bloody and sticky liquid at the window pane…I thought it was just a lucky day of bird poo flying from the sky but its actually tiny lil insects that got smashed as we drove in high speed of 120km/hr on the expressways.I feel bad…

Where are all these caravans going? I wanna follow!!

GPS reveal the answer…

If u guess Belgium, u are right.Im still debating within myself, whether Arlon is in Belgium or Luxembourg? Read on…

Anyway this is our first stop.ARLON…It’s a beautiful town.

We parked the car and hey! There’s a tank at the carpark.Err…just beside the toilet.Eeww..smelly.Had to take a deep breath to get close.

Fires in 1905 and 1917?

We intend to wander around the town by foot. Parking at city centre is costly so we park about an hour or two to have a quick look around and proceed on with the roadtrip.

If u need a map:



Statue of the Queen perched amongst the flowers.Do u see the red poppy flowers?

Beautiful flowers decorating the streets


The best time to visit Europe is in the summer why?? SUMMER SALES/SOLDES!!

While snapping shots of the scenery, I detect an unpleasant smell….

A dead bird in the water…

Halal food…

Apple trees….
Beautiful red…I luv RED…
This is a prison…
Love the road signs, they are of reachable height.Yeah, I’m not that tall..hehe!

I saw many statutes and motifs of cats in and around its buildings.Perhaps, they are cat lovers? Meow..
Saw this old wall, just had this great urge to touch it….

more beautiful flowers….

I love old cars…

Saint Martin D ‘Arlon is open to public.Free admission.
I’ve never entered a church before. Let’s take a peek…
Before entering, I read last 2-3 ayat of Surah Al-Baqarah… (I normally do this when I enter a different place, town or…just precautionary..Anyway errm..ada macam bau …hanyir..slight hint…)

Their holy water?

the organ in the church…

Confession chamber?


Ok, off we go to our second destination, wonder what adventure will it bring us..hmm..

take note: Sometimes, due to overwhelming information overloading in my tiny brains and my forgetfullness in bringing my notebook (or just plain laziness) , I tend to overlook some details. So do ensure that every HALAL restaurant featured here, is really HALAL, do asked them again whether they are 100% HALAL (sometimes I forget whether they sell alcoholic drinks) cos things might changed over time and I might have overlooked and made mistakes.Remember, ur body, ur responsibility.U are what u eat…
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