Road trip part 2-Thionville,France

Yeay! Alhamdulillah our second pit stop is Thionville, a town in northeastern France. Just 30mins away from Arlon.
When I reached the main city, I felt dejavu.Weird, I’ve never been here before. But i felt like I had. Perhaps the similarity of the layout of shopping and dining area. Perhaps the resemblance to any french town is uncanny.Or perhaps, did I watch it somewhere or did I travelled here in my dreams,hmm?

I was handed this bubblegum.And indeed I got culture shock.Was kinda sleepy till i munch on it and sourish lemon juice oozes out of the bubble gum.So sour!! Shock!

Battle of the boots…

travel tip or trick: Even though u got a reliable GPS e.g GARMIN, tomtom…do include a reliable maps just in case…and of course u must know how to read maps. Who said women cannot read map? I can …insya-Allah.

Churches are common in Europe. I learnt that often their towers are very tall cos people in those days live far apart from another and they need to be tall enough so people can see if they flash any warning lights/signs other then ringing the bells .And often folks seek refuge in there if there are calamities like flood, typhoon….

Need a haircut? I learnt that ELLE meant she in french.

Look at the lil statue above the entrance.

Ok,i admit, my french aint that good…its near ZERO…I only know -thank you, gd morning and chicken. Just 3 words. Chicken is a must word for me. hehehe!I think that is the only word that I knew in many languages. (Cos..I used to be the Queen of chicken, everyday must eat chicken,no chicken, no eat…hehe!)

Every building tell a tale. If u look carefully, there are intricate lil details that explain what the building used to be previously…in the olden days.


So due to language barrier, we are not able to find directions to the mosque and check out the muslim community but hey! I found out while asking around…the people are very nice! Even though we talked like duck and chicken, when it comes to food, we have this invisible language that connects us all.It was easy to communicate when it comes to food. Hmm… food unites us all.

YIPEE!! Halal eatery.

The coke is complimentary.We ordered chicken kebab.The kebab is yummy (dont worry I have not been bought over by the coke hee!). 100% HALAL, no alcohol drinks.Alhamdulillah. Very nice man and very helpful.

Muslim men are easily distinguished by their caps.

this is the place that create the dejavuness in me…Hmm…

Travel tip/trick: Even though there are pedestrian crossings,always look to ur right..err no..left first then right to ensure its safe to cross. Motorists in Europe especially French ones luv to beat the red lights.Kinda impatient (that’s my experience especially in busy city like Paris).I like American motorists.They are the most patient and they give way (could be cos they can sue any1 there), but again this is my own personal view.

Another fire hydrant

Beautiful flowers, I feel like biting them!

Wow!Felt fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful flowers, kinda add that positive vibes in me. Hmm..

Look at those walls! look like castle rite? I felt like a true princess already…

Justice is served…

i could just stare at the whole town ….. beautiful!

Wanna eat at Le Crocodile?Are we eating or be the main menu?

City map is a must in every city…

Look at these electronic text at the bus stand.Cool huh?

Beautiful roundabout

Events that are happening in July till September 2009

Let me introduce to ……. hee!Nah..not someone i know.. but I do like her way.If Im not that shy, I might just lie beside her….hehe! (buat macam rumah sendiri/make urselves at home, pls)

Shopping street

SOLDES=SALES!!!Ah…like an iron to a magnet….

Asia products are easily available …

Eeww….Yikkety yikes!

Eversince I found out that Beverly Hills fire hydrants are platinum ,I’ve been intrigued by water hydrants all over and will try to snap as many different coloured hydrants as I could..

To prevent from traffic congestion in lil towns, these barriers are placed to prevent them from entering.

Moo…where did this car come from? I like the bold car wrap advertising. Beautiful old buildings, the older u are, the uniqueness is there…special

Beautiful water tower

I realised in every town, there must be …a roundabout.

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