Holland- Madurodam (miniature) & Keukenhof (tulips)

If u visit Holland, it is a must to visit Keukenhof.And if u are in a rush, perhaps a day in Holland, it is COMPULSORY to visit Madurodam.Because u can cover Holland within a day.Yeah, u heard me right…it is a town famous for its miniatures.

Come let’s explore….

The best time to visit Keukenhof is during Spring time….


Suddenly I have a craving for KFC….here chicky,chicky…

Look at those vibrant colours….if u touch down at Amsterdam airport in Spring, u will get to see the colourful arrangment of tulips in the words “WELCOME TO HOLLAND”.

This is a traditional Dutch costume for a flower girl….This dont really look like rabbit, right? I cannot even see the eyes….

Beautiful world of flowers..I could sit all day…here…..

Ok, next stop…Madurodam…

I feel like a Giant already…The miniature town scale to reality is 1:25 and it has one of the largest miniature railway.

OMG, when I see the intricate details and the delicate workmanship, I wonder how many people does it take to put all these together and how many hours, days or years did they took? Hmm…patience is really a virtue.

I think the seagulls are confused….For once, they are bigger than the buildings..hehe!

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