Special THANKS from the heart…

Alhamdulillah. (Praise to God for everything.)

….never in my tiny mind did I ever have the thought of doing this. Alhamdulillah, i was able to do what I did in the past few days. And I really was touched by the help and info given by many people( in which I would have not known if not for this “project”).Alhamdulillah.

Thank you very much.May God bless and reward you for your help.

I would like to personally thank (not in any sequence whatsoever….)

First and foremost, MDA for helping me out with the facilitation letter..(Im not sure whether I can mention ur name here, so I just leave it anonymously..but u know who u are..thank u for showing me the way…)

Rumah Makan Minang -Mr Zin for telling me the history of Nasi Padang and indonesian cuisine, Mdm Zulbaidah for sharing information about Kg Kaji and sharing personal experiences to spur me on. Rico and friends for the candid shots that I took of u….and everyone for welcoming.I felt like a part of the “family” too. Thank you…if all of us got the time, insya-Allah would love to see the old photos of the haji days…

Sultan Mosque-Thank you to the hardworking admin staff for the approval.Mr Sulor for all the interesting facts about Nasi Ramas, Nasi Dhal, Kg Tembaga and all that info which kinda makes me droolz.Mr Wahab for sharing with me your endless passion in introducing Islam to the world.Not forgetting Ajim for showing me the nooks and corners of Sultan mosque that none would ever expected esp the roof and the soya sauce bottles.And last but not least , the innocent passersby who either love the attention or hate that I barge into the male and female praying area and do my thang. So whatever it is, thank you very much.

Zam-zam Restaurant -Mr Mustafa & Mr Sulaiman for allowing me do what I had to do.MrZach for the rejuvenating interview and for sharing with me your secret to youthful glow.Mr Shameer,though u look fierce, u got a kind heart. Mr Ali for being nice to me and explaining to me in layman terms and for making me laugh! The rest of the staff for allowing me to barge in and create chaos in the kitchen with my big turtle bag n tripod w all the gizmos.Thank you for letting me have a feel what’s its like working with an all MALE kitchen (Lucky I did not create any “chao-ta”/burnt murtabak hehe!)And grandpa for letting me take ur handsome picture at the counter.Thank you!

Mustafa Centre-Thank you to Mr Mustaq, it is a great pleasure to finally meet a humble person like you.Mr Andrew for helping me out with info and ur staff. Mr Ong for the fun and laughter that u created whenever I start filming.Mr Ganesan who supposed to be the STAR but end up being the assistant instead.I had no chance to showcase ur linguist ability of Malay,Chinese,Tamil and English…and Nanda who was supposed to be OFF,came back to replace Mr Ganesan and be the “STAR”.Thank u for studying and memorizing the lines and for putting up with me asking u to repeatedly act the scenes.Thank you for the patience and sorry that I cannot contain myself that I laugh it out loud.It was great fun working with u guys, though it exceeded ur lunch time. Thank u for showing me the ropes on how to disect the chicken,duck and various animal parts.And not forgetting conjuring great recipes for the mutton,sheep legs, heart.liver ,ostrich,deer meat..and lots…And also not forgetting the beautiful array of CHEESE display,non-alcoholic champagne/whisky,yoghurt/dairy products,fruits,murukku,food and spices.And for those that I do not know ur names (Who ended up in the photos somehow…), Thank you!

Khan Restaurant-Thank you to Mr Khan for allowing me to enter ur lovely restaurant and all-male kitchen.Mr Sheikh Dawood for your generosity.Mr Raja for all those info and friendliness…the interviews , teh-tarekness,roti-jala ,food display and all that, Mr Jalaluddin for letting me taste the yummy fresh fried fritters , the “chefs” in the kitchen such as the dosai demo,the vadai demo,for letting me barge in and record ur actions even though I am a hindrance to ur work (hehe!)For letting me take pics and for letting me have a yummilicious time there! And the innocent customers who end up posing for my project (though u are hungry) thank you for everything!

Geylang market-All vendors/stall owners who allow me to take shots of their yummy food, fruits, fishes, meat and others without any cause.Especially to My Jumaat for letting me know about your youthful secret and other info.

Other innocent people that got their privacy “victimised” by me and my cam, Sorry but thank you….

I know some of you think that I am either a tourist, government official or the “Fine lady” not that kind of fine but the one issuing FINES/SUMMONS…to people who park illegally/break traffic rules..or whatsoever.Im sorry to say that I am not.But it was fun seeing the faces change colour when I showed up, some even chased me all the way just to explain their excuses…hehe!

And I know when I do not want to be disturb, I got the “DO-NOT-DISTURB” sign on my serious face that none dared to approach me…Sorry about that.

And erm..to my “partner-in-crime” who cannot join me thru out the fun and laughters that I had…That’s alright cos now its ur turn to do the hardwork (hehe!) So happy working! While Im resting and enjoying my pina colada…Mmm…

But seriously,people, thank you for the confidence and faith in me.Because irregardless where I go, everyone treated me with great respect and help me out more than I expected though I am a small fry.Thank you, May God bless u all and make your businesses prosperous.

No words can describe exactly how I really felt… by the kindness that you showered me.We are strangers when we met but I left as friend/family.Alhamdulillah.Will update you once the project is done. May we enjoy success together. ..and spread info about the HALAL food, all over the world. insya-Allah.amin.


p.s: For those reading this and has no idea what is Putri rambling about…Well, just free ur mind and expect the unexpected.Believe in urself when no one does.Think positively insya-Allah it will be good.Dreams do come true, not instantaneously but if u persevere,insya-Allah,it will come true (reminder to myself too!)…

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  1. I'm not too sure what's going on, but I think something big is going on!

    I am very happy for you 🙂

    Alhamdullilah for all the good things that happened for you!

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