Singapore,Taiwan and Bangkok in 24hours?!

“Dreams do come true, nothing is impossible, just free ur mind…Believe and have faith”…Just sharing what I believe…with u.

Sometimes, when we are surrounded in negativity, we allow ourselves to be caged by our own self-doubts even without trying. Gotta remove that. Free ur mind and believe in infinite possibilities. Everyone has their own niche. No one is born useles..We are already champions when we are born (if u learn about the sperm and the egg and all that biology stuff works.Keep it to the facts..)

Ok, Hmm…

Went to for typical daily browsing of flight prices. Sometimes, when u start travelling, u just cannot keep still.Just keep an open mind. I know current situation prevents most from travelling due to illness and stuff. But sometimes, we got to just..Do it!

And the next time, I know…. I was at the airport. For another adventure..Alhamdulillah.

Never tried Eva Air before. Normally, I will fly directly to my destination.But eversince the interesting transit experience that I had previously and trying to beat my parents’s records (Yeah,they are avid travellers,it runs in our blood) in collecting as many pit stops all over the world, I gotta remove the troublesomeness and tiredness of transitting. So here I am, check in for EVA air.

As I found out that its from Taiwan but related to British Airways.knowing BR standards, I gear myself from some service “turbulence” in the air. Hmm…

Anyway, I chose the cheapest (what do ya expect from cheap flights?!Nothing much..) way to and fro.

travel tip and trick: Its a must in most countries that you have a 2 way flight ticket/e-ticket with u at all times to indicate the intention to return (though u can still stay illegally there by throwing the return trip in trash and stay beneath the radar) and immigration normally ask you to show it to them before they let u in.Currently, the immigration at home is tough on me. But these are essentials. They need to enquire, Im fine with that.Nothing to hide…not much luggage either.

The travel agent did tell me that I will transit to Bangkok after Taipei but she said that I do not have to go out of the plane,it will just take in people from Bangkok. Hmm…so I thought that is not so bad, right? Ive been to Thailand but not Bangkok. Even for a moment, the plane park there would mean, I was there too! So another collectible point!

And Taipei,?Hmm…interesting..
Another collectible pit stop! Even though I got no country stamp, the thought of having it amongst my collections are good enough for me to smile from ear to ear.

This time, I did not do much research.Cos Im going somewhere that Ive been upteen times but just different route and airline.

I set off, in the afternoon about 1pm Singapore time and reach 5-6hours later in Taipei. Then I gotta wait for 5 hours for my next flight to Bangkok and to the next destination…

I took the opportunity to venture this very new looking airport. It is beautiful. Before I set off for Taipei, I got a great electric foot massage by OSIM. There are many massage points in Changi Airport. So I open my boots and luckily, my socks are freshly changed…so no odour heheh! I use it for 3omins.

A Taiwanese girl wanted to sit beside me (they have 2 massagers) but hers fail to work. I did try to hellp.Then she talk to me.She asked whether Im a Singaporean Malay and I said yes. Then she ask why I must wear the hijab(scarf) and why men dont need. I explain and we joked around and laugh then she move on to another masager point.

What I like about Changi Airport, is that they have freebies. I love the 15mins FREE internet and free local calls. I love that. The OSIM and OTO massagers are a bonus. And aside that the smiling staff and friendly environment.Not forgetting its cleanliness.

Ok, back to Taipei, I glimpse their busy traffic and queues of cabs outside. The airport is not so congested at night almost empty aside from a glitter of customers. Language is still a barrier for some sales staff. Cos I ask about the ingredients of the food available at the eateries.


U can change the money to their Taiwan dollar in any bank outlets here but there is service charge about $NT30.

$400 dollar for a Canadian springs mineral water???

Anyway, I went thru many shops till I found this mochi (glutinuous rice with coffee filling) It was super soft!Chewy texture,the best mochi Ive tasted.Vegetarian. NT$90

This is interesting.. postal vending machine for prepaid envelopes

National Museum of History ,Taipei

The airport that I was in , has many flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco. (hmm, are u inviting me again?!!)

They have lots of facilites. I love their Nursing room! Its decorated in Hello Kitty, pink… Beautiful!

And they have prayers room for all religion..separately. Free internet is provided too but u need to register or something that is a bit troublesome but the internet is always packed cos they have limited places. Changi Airport has many!

Then I went to the green relaxation corner. There are electrical massager chairs for the body , about 8. But I need to get the FREE token from some bookshop. Its supposed to last for 15-30mins per massage but I got the lucky one that is endless.hmm…

Most of the people there are either Chinese, or Thais or Koreans or Japanese and more Chinese…hee! So I stand out, I am darkly tanned amongst them.And especially since this time, I brought a bigger backpack with me. I really look like a ninja Turtle (I love to watch that cartoon when I was a kid!). The backpack that I carry and the ones I left in cargo are about equivalent weight. 8kg and 11kg.This time,I learnt not to leave my laptop at home.Its my travelling buddy.

I exhaust myself thruout so that I can sleep well in the plane.I have difficulty sleeping in planes unless there is a chatterbox on board with/beside me(those eye shutters closed automatically). I got all excited and my eyes will be fixated on the view outside the windows or the new movies shown inflight.Its that way no matter how many times, Ive flown. Im always excited!!Its kinda like Wow! Cannot believe that this airplane made of steel and all that metal filled with cargo, food and people and miraculously, all that weight is no hindrance to us flying … chose the window seat as usual..i just love those cotton candy clouds and visualising the carebears out there.Dont try to bargain my seat or barter trade with me..dont work.

Inflight food was slightly better than Northwest (but japanese food in NW japan is good!)I seldom eat lots of carbo food but on these flight alone, I had been consuming endless rice meals. And fearing that I might not get enough, I eat everything. I do not know what to expect, so gotta fill myself up. Some flights give our dinner early and then when the passengers are hungry later on, they just disappear Poof! So I ate everything…

I realised that I transit 2 X and took 3 different planes. And every plane I took at least there is 1 major meal. And total is about 5 meals in 24 hours? Thats a bit much…but Im not complaining…err, a bit sluggish when I landed…and Zzzz all the way.So much that my companions are puzzled.

Let me intorduce my companions, they are father and daughter (11yrs, I think) from Taiwan. They are my travelling partners thru out the 21hours of flight.The man spoke good english.I started the flight with a good sleep and, sleep and sleep..but when meals come, it aroused my senses and I was awaken automatically. Luckily this time, they did not serve my muslim meals hours before others.They serve me 15-20mins before so it was ok.Then after finish my meals, I sleep again…Zzz…

Wonder why I wasnt watching any inflight movies? remember I watched 5 movies at one go during the US trip (total about 8-10movies)?I think I watched it all cos they have similar movie titles. Furthermore, they changed the plane to smaller one. When i set off from Singapore, there were a tv for each passengers but as I transit and transit, it kinda became smaller and the tv was shared amongst us. (1 for all) and the movies they played is like when u have a dirty VCR head, it kinda have lines here and there and distortions. So I chose sleep over that..(What do ya expect, its a cheap flight?!)

After the transit at Taipei which seems endless (I wanted to take a quick tour outside with a cab and take pictures but I fear, I might missed my flight, so I stay put), depart to Bangkok. I sleep eat and sleep again, journey is about 5-6hours. Then I was awaken by muffled sounds . When I woke up,a smiling father figure look at me. I was shocked.Is this a nightmare? My companion was asking me Äre u alright? Cos I had been sleeping like a log thruout without having to squeak some conversation.I said ok with my starchy mouth..trying not to emit any smell kinda like a ventriloquist..hehe!

Still blur, I wanted to go back to sleep, my companions are gone in seconds….the stewardess stop me. I looked around, eveyone had gone!! Hmm, the agent bluff me… Luckily, my things are all in 1 place, beneath my seat, so I grab it and walk out wobbily still groggy and starchy. Took out a mint sweet and chew on it.

Travel tip/trick: These are my favourite faithful travelling companions. Nin Jiom sweets-my favourite herbal candy.It helps remove the heatiness in the body especially when u are travelling in a new environment and stay in long durations in planes. I normally drink Nin Jiom cough syrup mixture when heaty or when I got flu/cough and u can drink it everyday for health, just add some warm water to dilute it .Its popular amongst Chinese and especially HK singers. Its ingredients are from nature herbs.The vapodrops are good for colds and running nose especially in cold windy environment.And not forgetting, for fresh breath when ur teeth is starchy (After sudden waking up without brushing ur teeth,these are lifesavers cos u feel fresh and ur breath will be minty..) Both are alternatives to liquid medicines because of the new regulation of limited liquids allowed in hand luggage. Very good for me!

It was 3am in the morning. We had to wait for 2 hours for our next flight. Not much was told, but somehow I found my way to the next flight.Pardon the blurry images…it depicts my starchy groggy morning very well…

This time, there are mixture of travelers in Bangkok Airport.The staff looked like Malay with their light tanned skin. I felt at home hehe!

This time after boarding the plane, I was awake thruout…i had enough sleep.My newfound family(father and daughter) chatted with me about himself.I felt like Im travelling in a family.Complete set.Hmm…

I was fed (Again?!!)I lost track of my dietary times, I wonder is this breakfast, dinner or dinner thru out….And as I found out, I put on 2 kg after that…Hmm, is it the rice or the gravitational pull? Hmm…

fyi-Taiwan and Singapore has the same time, Bangkok I think is 1 hour later..

Despite all the countries that I went to during transits, I havent mention my destination…

Okay, the bonus question is, where did Putri went to after all those transits?

p.s: One thing I like about my companions is that they leave me alone when Im enjoying my meal.I took pictures here and there of the hot and piping food.Flashes hee and there. I do notice the signs of curiousity from both but they give me some space to enjoy my meal in peace…Ooohh..Mmm…(I do understand Mandarin thus when the daughter whispered her curiousity to the father,the father kinda shushed her…hehee!)

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