Courts Box Bistro

Updated 2010: This restaurant has been replaced with new restaurant concept and menu.

Box Bistro
50 Tampines North Drive 2
2nd level @ Courts Megastore

Box Bistro is a subsidiary of Jack’s Place, yeah the company that is good at steaks.(Read my previous post on EATZI steakhouse -subsidiary of Jack’s place too and HALAL)

I can spend hours and hours in this vicinity.Aside from IKEA next door, there is GIANT hypermart and also COURTS. I am not really a COURTS customer but I love to browse thru their products and compare prices with Sim Lim.Sometimes when they have SALE, it could be a knock-out!

Anyway, this time, I came for the food. I wasnt that satisfied with IKEA range of HALAL food,If u have read my previous post on it(see below for the link)And I did email them asking whether there is any future plans on making the VAVAVOOM chicken HALAL or ….but no reply.

So I move on to the neighbouring eatery… “BOX BISTRO” which have similar concept as IKEA but the best thing is that the whole eatery is HALAL-certified! YOOHOO!

We came here many times but gotta exit cos we are too early, so at 11.30am, we sat and they are ready. The food theme here seems to be more emphasis on Western food.We ordered these food…

Meatballs (hehe!I know IKEA meatballs cannot be HALAL, so feeling “meatballs blues”, i ordered it here..)

Fish and chips (kids serving)

Waffles with ice-cream

The back of the waffles-to indicate how overcooked it was…and I waited quite long for it…so the comments might be a bit unforgiving…sorry.

One of my makan kaki is a true blue fan of rice /nasi.Why I said that is because she will eat rice in every meal if possible even of its a Western food restaurant.She is a rice fan, or should I say Nasi padang /Curry enthusiasts.I tried to “psycho” her to try other western food on the menu (but she aint buying it…so I gave up.hehhe!)but the yummy looking rice dishes seems to be tantalizing her tastebuds especially since they are coming out straight from the kitchen..

Bento box set
And it turn out better than I expected.Good for her!

So overall verdict:

Price range from $4-$7 (affordable)

Service-very friendly staff at the cashier


Meatballs were ok, some balls werent cooked properly. But I like the black pepper sauce.

Fish and chips are good.The fish and fries came hot and piping.If it gets cold, its not that yummy.

Bento box rice set-was amazingly not bad.The crab/prawn/seafood cake was a delight.The curry was good.The tofu was ok.

The waffles was a disappointment.U can taste the dryness of the burnt waffles.The ice-cream was so-so.It might be better,if they werent stingy on the chocolate syrup, perhaps. Price-$4.

They do have pizza and others…

So if U know Eatzi and Jack’s place standards, this might be a terrible letdown but I think there’s room for improvement. So I might come back and check them out once in a while.Because I think, its great that they have this concept.I like the ambience and I like the varieties of the food and they are affordable (except for the drinks)

Anyway…. if u have some tummy space for Tampines IKEA’s HALAL food,click here.

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