So did u guess the right destination?Hmm…

Europe is my third playground aside from Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand… I had been travelling in and out of Europe and I did not do justice to its HALAL food. My bad…

So Im trying to make it up by presenting to you …yummy HALAL food from EUROPE. Let me start first with the Netherlands, which is like my second home. Been there 5 times and stayed almost to a year…

When I first started living here, in the Netherlands, it wasnt that hard to find HALAL food because of the many immigrants from Morrocco, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia ,Senegal and Indonesia… (there are 190 Nationalitites living in the Netherlands)

But this year, 2009, alhamdulillah, there are more and more. The mosques built here as big as those back home in Singapore, some are even bigger. Most mosques are converted building from old schools.

Anyway, there are many Islamic butcher shops, bakeries ,grocery stores and eateries.You won’t go hungry in Holland (the Netherlands).Anyways, there are many fish stalls (fish dip in batter and freshly fried when ordered) and “patat” shops (thick french fries eaten with mayonaise),so these are normally fried in “plantaardige olie” (vegetable oil/sunflower oil and they dont use animal fats, but do ask to be sure)

The Netherlands is a big country so let me start with the biggest and most populated city -Amsterdam…

When I first heard about Amsterdam and the freedom to do many things which are illegal to many, I was happy…YIPEE! But it was short-lived. Im very cowardly if it comes to these…I dare not…break the rules that has been vigourously instilled in me when young. Alhamdulillah. In fact, I had not puff a single cigarette ever.I hope it stays that way, insya-Allah. So cannabis? I did smell a whiff as I passed by the many coffeeshops but I choke on the smoke. So, now my nose became a pot detector.I can detect it miles away…

travel tip/trick: The coffeeshops in the Netherlands are mostly for those smoking weed/pot. And they normally have age restrictions, probably above 18 years of age. Its not those Starbucks or Coffee bean franchise.If u enter accidentally, u might not exit at all, cos u might end up in the neverending dreamland…so if u wanna coffee, please bring your own coffeebags (u can ask the flight stewardess for some and fill up ur backpacks with it) or stick with those known franchise such as Starbucks/Coffeebean. Or go caffeine-free ,its good for the body.

Beautiful flowers welcoming me at the airport…

Bibliotheek =Library (at the top, there is a cafe, beautiful view)

I love seeing these high voltage cables..ours are mostly underneath. Still can see them in Malaysia.And not forgetting the beautiful wild flowers …

Travel tip/tricks: Language is no barrier.The dutch can speak English well but they love their own language even more.
So do learn some basics…
1)Dank oo well -“denk-ker-well” means thanks
2)”Dag – “da-ch” .The “ch” is read as if u are gargling like there is some water in the throat alternatively u can say “do-ee”(doei) or “tot-zeens”(tot ziens) which meant goodbye
3)Hello- “hallo”
4)Alles Goed – “a-less cho-od?” It meant “is everything good?”
5) Sorry-sorry,
6)Pardon -“par-dawn” which means “excuse me?”
7)Alstublieft- “as-too-bleeft” which means please ..

So those are basics that u need to know…

The bus stop

Beautiful scenery and landscapes

Floating chinese restaurant cum grocery store. U can find asian products here, some from Singapore like Yeos. There is another similar one at Rotterdam Port too.

We feed the ducklings and mother duck.

Eee-Owww! Is this to prevent the birds from perching or butts from seating?!! Ouch!

Beautiful rooftop, kinda like castle…
Public Urinal for men only… Oh, got to go, someone wants to pee..
Summer time:21st june -21st September, there are many festivals.The day stretches from 5am till 10pm, its bright! YIPEE! More playing time. When I got here, I cannot tolerate the time difference. I felt asleep every 6pm. Till for a week, my body got adjusted to the longer day time. For muslims, our praying time: 3am-Fajr, 1.45pm -Zuhur, 6pm-Asar, 10pm-Maghrib, 12am-Isya… Either u wait for the isya prayer or u sleep after maghirb and woke up between 12-3am and then wait till fajr. Meanwhile, u can solat late night prayer/tahajud (sunnah prayer)

Many canals-for transport in the olden days,everything goes by boat…
and one third of the Netherlands are beneath sea level…. the lowest point is about 6 metres below.


Fish shop
Salmon, Eel, Herring, Tuna, Mussels , Prawns and other seafood , in raw or cooked form…U must try RAW herring especially in July, where they are the freshest. It tasted so creamy like the fishy smell. I love it… There is a kinda poise of eating it…Stand up, look up to the sky, hang the fish vertically down and eat it that way…

Old trading centre
Old dutch language

I had one similar colourful sweater made by the Red Indians. Hand knitted. Only $50 gilder (old Dutch currency) I think they were hang outside for too long, the colours are fading away.
Does this remind u of the Chinese New year chingay parade?
Small narrow shops….
Roasted ducks hanging….

Mawar restaurant -They are HALAL but they sell beer …Hmm.

This is a Malaysian Restaurant.It is Halal. Its closed on Wednesday. I don’t see any alcoholic drinks labels here…Chef Wan told my parents before that he has a restaurant here few years ago, but for years I am unable to find it, hmm….

Beautiful flowers….

Some of the buildings are starting to sink in. Because the ground is soft. If u notice, the building below is slanting. Yikes!

Dutch breakfast buffet menu

Hey! Statue of liberty…..

Canal boat trip, anyone?
U can buy two tickets for a cheaper price…
These are our ride, guys… If u notice there are gigantic hooks on top…
They are like a pulleys for moving stuff. The houses are too narrow that the only way you can move out your things are thru the windows…hehe! Boat homes…

Will they ever get seasick? How about toilet? Where do the waste go to? Floating by…

Some of the many bicycles fall into the canals…

Picnic by the river side….
I love to see the details of the old buildings….the facade…tells a story…

I love the houses with wide panel clear glasses windows.My room has one great view too, of the canal. And u can see the seagulls flying, ducks and occasional swans gliding by….When Im lazy, I just feed them by throwing bread at the balcony and many will come flying by…Love it!

Restaurants by the riverside…
Eh, where is the top of this tower?

The ferry route: Damrak-Oosterdok-Oudeschans-Zwanenburgwal-Binnen Amstel-Heren Gracht-Brouwersgracht-Korte Prinsengracht-Wester Dok-Het IJ-Oosterdok-Damrak

…more Halal eateries will be disclosed, insya-Allah.2 b continued..

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