You are beautiful….

internally and externally….
(this post is fresh from the oven)

that is what I learnt about and from the women in this country
The way they express themselves freely and openly…is commendable irregardless of race or religion, small or big, timid or bold….

I like that..cos Im quite on the contrary. But Im learning…to let out what goes in my mind. Cos the fear of hurtin others kept holding me back and then it will accumulate.

Truth hurts but honesty is the best policy. So gotta bring it to them no matter how hard it is. but at the same time, gotta be prepared to get “whacked” with the same treatment too. Hmm..

Anyway, the women here is strong, powerful and has a voice. Voice that is not limited to express freely on what they wanna say and share. I like that.

At the same time, the men treated the women like a lady. They let them voice out their opinions but at the same time, get the door for them, carry their stuff, open the car doors or whatever doors….pulling out the chairs and push it in as the ladies seat like the perfect gentlemen in the movies…Hmm…

Reading is a BIG part of their lifestyle. Anywhere, everywhere…they read. It’s like a religion. No matter how old, dumb,clever, tall ,short, young, everyone carry a book. Everypart of the house, there is a book corner. Knowledge is power.

These are some of the beautiful attributes of the people from this country. They are many but I’m just introducing a small slice of the pie..first….

Some positive vibes that I got from my trip “U wanna make a difference? Believe that u can, go all out, take the risks, nothing venture, nothing gain, dont just sit there and talk, do something about it, anything is possible, just do it!”

Most of the people here are very encouraging, motivating and supportive about my blog and the URL was spread like wild fire (Shukran!) they suggested that I get more sponsors,advertisers or whoever… to pay me so that I can venture to more places and get more HALAL places/business listed in all part of the world (insya-Allah, hopefully it will be a reality one day) and also gave me some brilliant business tactics..

Anyway,the people are beautiful like….

these flowers that bloom in Eka backyard garden. I had the chance to stay with them for a nite and got to roam freely there in the morning and had some lessons on gardening and plants.

What I listed here are just tiny part of the garden. It has lots of fresh herbs and vegetables and lots of sweet smelling flowers that u cannot get even at the most prestigious florist stall back home. The smell is authentically original. I had smell the flowers from Singapore, Malaysia and Europe but these gotta be the best. Cos its homegrown with lots of tender,loving care..
Some are even planted by budding gardeners as young as can be…(by Nabeela n Saeed)

p.s: So, Eka, are u gonna blog about ur garden, hmm…?

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