This blog is 2!!!

I started this blog in May 2007.

Tik tock,tick tock…
Without me realising this blog has turned 2..(YIPEE!! Woohoo!!)

Alhamdulillah. I never would expect that it can last this long. I thought it started out to be a hobby and now it became sort of my passion. Thru this blog, I get to know many people from many countries who shared same interest and passion.Thank God.

I love doing what I did and hope I get to see as much countries I can and blog about it. I love to learn about people of all races,their cultural and their country.

I am glad that somehow, this simple blog has changed thru out the years. Thank you dear readers for all the motivating comments and for your continuous support and for everything.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you all.

Have a yummilicious day!


p.s: I really forgot about the birth of this blog, or else I would have brought a cake along for that meet,eat n burp session. But aunique has done a good job in providing us her yummy cheese cupcakes. Love them, thanks!! (see the adverts above , the one using photobuckets? Yeah that’s the one. Order from her. They are GOOD!!)

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1 thought on “This blog is 2!!!”

  1. hi Putri…chanced upon ur blog wenever i search for a particular halal place online..

    Have been reading your comments (which was very helpful & accurate) but ive only taken full notice of it today…(opppsss)=p

    Rest assured i'll save it on my favourite list from today onwards..

    Congrats on being 2 this year..
    And May u be more successful in these many years to come..
    Hope we'll meet one day..

    Another Food Lover/Critic,

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