The scarf/hijab worn…

Alhamdulillah… (this post is fresh from oven)

I am skeptical upon reaching this country on how they will react to the scarf on my head. But hey, there wasnt any discrimination. Some even thought it was a fashion statement but most assume I was into religious or something.

It wasnt easy to find HALAL food. I got lost finding Imperial ave becos I refused to take the trolley. It was a great day for walking and that is what I did thru out..almost covering half of downtown.

But becos of my scarf, muslim acknowledge me and we became friends and share information. Perhaps, there will be a friend who will drive me around today, insya-Allah.

But becos of my scarf too, it kinda intrigued interest and they wanna know more about me. Alhamdulillah, Im doing my bit of spreading Islam to others. No obligation just for fyi purposes only.

The muslims here are like anywhere in the world. There are devout followers, half hearted or muslims in name. Some are born muslims but upon reaching and living here, they changed their religion(wallahu alam). I listen to their story with great interest but I do not reject any of it cos I need to see it with open mind. I need to understand their point of view and what I can do to overcome those shortcomings (I hope in my future job).

One told me to just eat veggies (that is what I did and the stools that came out are not as bad as in Singapore, sorry…got to share this cos I understand why the Japanese actually recycles vegetarian stools to make into a burger.Hmm..)

And the other just said, eat any poultry except pork and just read basmalah… Hmmm. Sorry, I think I stick to the first option.

But seriously, here, I see more scarved women like me then in HW.

And they make me feel belonged. Hmm… no one asked whether I want to take the pedicab or any tours, perhaps I look like local? Some thought I was Italian (oh perhaps it was my Italy jacket) or maybe I do have those spaghetti pasta looks, huh? hehehe!

Got to go, left 3minutes of internet time…

Bagels, again? Well, its better than the same ritual of pancakes..but still alhamdulillah, there are food…


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