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8th day,Wednesday-Thank God its Weeping DAY!

Upon reaching a new country, I will cry. Yeah Im a big Crybaby. IT could be tears of joy, tears of happiness, tears of weariness, tears of unknownness…tears of fear…tears of all the negativity discharged. I need to let it all out so that I will be recharged with wholesome positiveness.

Oh by the way, TROLLEY= TRAM. Its not the trolley that we get accustomed to ..pushing carts in supermarkets. I have not tried it yet.

I normally travelled by without a map. U see, I am better using my senses than using the map if I have no mood to. Its not that Im not good with map (Hey!Im been crowned one of the best orienteering person in cadet corps once upon a time, blowing my own trumpet hehe!) Its just that I trusted my senses even better. I will use my nose and my guts to orientate myself in an unknown environment. And when all hope is lost (or my body has not woken up) I will ask around. I wont be shy…

So I move with the flow. The chilling wind is catching up with me. Everywhere I hear beach boys and…laid back music playing.

The truth is , I wanna rush back home the moment I step in SD..just a momentarily gush of homesickness .Well, I got over it …gonna be a strong willed gal and be brave to continue with my journey…of unknown possibilities.

Well, what shall I do today?Hmm…

Everyday is a surprise…

Take care people, enjoy every blessed moment of each day..and hopefully, we will be grateful..every minute,ecery second..insya-Allah.


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