How did I go about it?

Received a comment… and since its not in my email, I cannot reply to it personally so Im gonna publish it here and share it with all of u, ok?

To: Anonymous…

Nice picture.Looks delicious!

Can I ask some tips on taking pictures of foods at stalls?
Tips? Err…what kind of tips? Im not a professional but I can try answering insya-Allah. I take many photos for a food or stall and then back home, I took the best ones.I just angled the camera in some comfortable way and shoot it.Never read about photography just whack it the way I think it should be, kinda candid.

U took the pictures with slim digital camera or the professional&bulky cameras which the reporters usually use?
Slim one, just a normal digital camera with 4X zoom but recently, bought a 10X zoom.Still testing it out. Tis is mostly for the HALAL cert which is normally hang out at the back of the stall , so out of reached. That is the intention. Still playing with the new camera n trying out. But mostly , I use the normal ones. The bulky ones, I assume it is DSLR, that one I have zero knowledge in in. But Dr Leslie from is good with that.

I plan to take the pictures with the latter ones but was afraid that it’ll be too obvious&what might ppl think abt it.
Dont worry about it, just do it! Act naturally, act as if u are doing it for ur hobby. They wont reprimand u, they feel happy. Just be cool with it.If u are awkward, they will feel it too, then trouble might brew.

I am also afraid that the stall owner might not grant me the permission to take pictures of their menu with the price,’cause I am afraid that they might think that I want to gain evidence to complain abt their food.I don’t know.
Yeah that one has to be discreet. Unless u are not in US (where any1 can sue u n vice-versa)U got nothing to worry about here.I realised that if I asked permission, they wont allow, so be discreet and take it anyway.

So how did you took all those pics?
Did you ask their permissions 1st everytime u went to any stall?
Not really. I dont like to inform them that Im taking their pics for my blog then it wont be casual or candid. I wanna taste the food as it is as from the point of view of most customers. I dont want special treatment or freebies. I paid for all my food.But after the pics, I might give them my card that state the website that their stalls will be featured in. That depends on my mood too. If I find that it is good, I will do that if not, I just leave.

Did they ever ask you the reasons why you took all those pics. of their foods?Pls do help&advice me on this.:) Most are intrigued by my actions. And when they asked I explained. They are happy.And make new friends. If they dont, then I keep mum. It depends. If I find that they are welcoming and warm and very good, I will compliment them and inform what I do after I took the shots (so that they wont give me extra food e.g meat or whatever than normal or “interior decoration” with the food so that it look good or somethin).So basically what u see in my blog is what u gonna get if u visit that place. I just wanna keep in true colours..insya-Allah.

I am an avid fan of your blog.
Every took all looks tantalizing.
I just really2x love it! 🙂
Keep it up! 🙂

Thank u very much for the motivating comments. I love doing what I did and I hope I can share it. if u wanna start it out too. hey, that’s great! Together we can conquer the world of HALAL food or whatever type of food u are interested in and share it with others, yeah?! Great…keep on contributing ur valuable comments and do join my facebook page to share ur pics…or ur blog whatever.. :))

Have a yummilicious day!


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