Expect the unexpected…

(this post is fresh from the oven)

Today is one of the weirdest day of lots of unexpected stuff happening. I did not focus, my mind was in a whirlwind, kinda half hearted to go home. I felt so at home in that country that I wish I could stay longer.

Anyway, I wasn’t in the right state of mind, I guess, my mind was lost somewhere deep in thoughts without me realising it.

My bad…

1)First situation
I wore the “wrong” garment…so I got caught in the X-ray machine. All of us are asked to take out shoes, belts and anything that has metal. I got nothing except…ermm….so the alarm went off. Everyone looked at me, with my scarf symbolising muslim and wondering what on earth did this little woman carry (Im small compared to the people around me)

Normally, I will try not to wear anything metallic (e.g underwire or..) but I totally forgot about all that. Like I said my mind is not in the right place. And normally, I will remove any liquid from my bag too, luckily that one I did.

The women officer that “touched” me all over was nice. She was wondering why I need to wear what I wore since Im considered “slim”..I said women need to be in shape constantly and she laughed. She said she should have worn that when she was young so perhaps her shape would be even better than today…And luckily she was wearing something similar at that moment cos of her bad back.So she can understand…alhamdulillah.

Anyway, it wasnt a bad experience other than its weird being “felt” by another woman . It was quite an experience , kinda pleasant one cos she make me feel welcome (but in open public) She did asked whether I need a private screening but I said unless I need to open my scarf, I need to do that in private.

So ladies, try to avoid any metallic or underwire at all costs especially if u are travelling by plane…

and since I will transit in Japan, I need to get it off before I got caught again..hmmm….

2)2nd situation

I wasnt informed that the flight was delayed for 3 hours. There were many angry people at the airport.I’m neutral. I was keeping an open mind. I have to expect the unexpected when Im travelling. Furthermore, no use getting angry, what can that do? The plane will still be delayed, right? So might as well enjoy….whatever u can…

The plane wasnt full. And 5 minutes before take-off, I saw some seats vacant, I looked upon a young Japanese chap as if we both could read each other minds and we laughingly changed our seats. But I ordered muslim meal and when I cahnged seats, I did not inform the stewardess. My bad..

So the stewardess was pissed off when I asked for muslim meal (oh well, she was in a bad mood to begin with… thru out the flight) but she get it for me (alhamdulillah), I thought if she gave me the normal meal, I will just eat the fruits. Then I looked across, there were 2 female scarved women like me from Indonesia but they took the normal meal. The stewardess did insinuate something like why Im different..but I just ignore that remark.

U know I realised that certain flights have their customers at their mercy up in the air but normally Asian flights are at the mercy of the customers cos they beleive in “Customers are always right?” Right…. So,if u are on a tight budget like me, u try not to have high expectation and try not to sweat the small stuff..(if u notice, i repeat the word TRY) so that everyone will be happy and have a good flight. If u dont disturb me, I wont disturb u kind of policy…it serves me well, so far..

So then …another interesting incident
talk to a young man (probably my age or younger ) and he’s going to Spain. He asked about Singapore and thought Singapore was too restrictive a country and he thought that if we commit crimes, our hands will be chopped off (WHAT?!!) I think he got the wrong country (even so , that will happen only if u do the same crime 3X in Saudi) I explain to him and he got the picture. He asked whether he can surf in Singapore, I laughed knowingly that the east coast beach and changi beach wave cannot make it. I said probably Malaysia or indonesia is much better option. He kept asking whether he can booze in Singapore (now when did Singapore became Islamic country?perhaps my appearance clouded his perception) I said it is possible, I did ,mention on the banned of chewing gum though. And he asked more on politics like voting and stuff. Interesting. At least I had changed that weird narrow mindedness of his on my country. (But the same question kept playing in my mind-Why is he so interested on how we punished criminals?Is he thinking of something…?? Hmm..)

Alhamdulillah. I was quarantined in Japan.. (now dont get me wrong, we need to express gratitude in whatever circumstances we are in…) Luckily it is Japan, so the hotel was quite good, everything was good….and the bed is comfy. I got my own room, YIPEE! Im gonna jump up and down the bed in this Radisson hotel (Narita Japan) before settling down. Hmm…

My flight will be tomorrow, and I will reach insya-Allah in the evening unless the Singapore immigration has more quarantined procedures…

Tomorrow will be another surprise for me..every day is….so I hope I can welcome it with a happy heart. Quite neutral actually….got to expect the unexpected…

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