Day 7/8-Mile of Cars, National City…

Had a heavy American breakfast at Chula Vista.These pancakes tasted so good! And not forgetting the potatoes and scrambled eggs.2 plates for me…I didnt know they came separate in HUGE servings. I thought it came as 1 set.I was really FULL…alhamdulillah.

Before going back to LA, I went vehicle shopping at National City, Mile of cars….

Wow! So cheap?!!

Red is mine…. *wishful thinking
I dont mind a jeep either… the thrills of seeking adventure

I was so INTRIGUED with …………….RVs

I had always wanted to have one!! But I had no chance of getting a peek of what is inside these great buses/vehicles….

So I was brought around to check out these beautiful vehicles…The salesman was kind enough to let me go in , snoop around, get in have a feel of how its like on roadtrips with one of these and even took photos of them! I was ecstatic!

BIG refrigerator….

Kitchen area…

Eating area…

a small garage for motor bikes or 4 wheelers
a hidden bed on top can be a place for hangout /gathering of 8 for watching flatscreen tv and dvd

I would love to travel in RVs all over America or Europe (it will be a dream come true but its not impossible…*positive thinking) ..anywhere and everywhere…It would be cool to travel with your portable home and family…

You wouldnt believe what some of these cool buses have in stored…cost about US$300,000. There are smaller and cheaper ones…US$59000 and more…and they can also custom made for you.Get one for me, it will be a DREAM….

So after my curiousity has been answered and I get to be in my dream vehicle, its time to go to LA….

Spend the night at a friend’s house and Zzzzz K.O

Next day, LAX….insya-Allah
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