Day 5 I’m officially Guacamolian…

Wondering whether my travel blog posts are up to date? Yeah,I try my bestest cos I wrote my backpack journal as I go along so Im referring to it to type these posts. 9.6.09

Im officially Guacamolian….

Do u know what alligator pear is?
Hint:Also called as Butter pear. Come on, give it a shot. The answer is there, right at the corner if ur brain, there it is…spill it out, dont be shy…..

Ok,lets talk a bit about food today.Since day 1,I’ve been eating vegetables with avocados, flour with avocados, and avocados,avocados and avocados….abundance of it.

And I like Guacamole. Have it as dips, tortilla fillings, side dish, salad, soup (really?) with rice or on its own. U can have them spicy too…mmm…my mouth waters just by the thought of it. Its actually basically simple, just mashed some ripe Avocados + tomatoes and pinch of salt. Some add lemons, cilantro (coriander) black pepper, chili pepper, garlic, cumin…just make it your own, originally yours to savour anyway, right?

Ok, U are right, alligator pear/butter pear is another word for avocado. The taste is much different than the ones we got in local Singapore supermarket (imported from Australia).Much creamy and tastier. Local brand is normally HASS but I heard the Queen of Avocado come from Reeds in SD. have not get the chance to taste that yet (Thks Eka for the info!)

Today, was woken up by a muffled cry cum sobbing from a nearby bed.Wanted to put my arms around her and console her but Im not supposed to eavesdrop her conversation. Furthermore, I find it personal for her. A younger roomie, an american, I think from Atlanta.She was crying cos of the squabbles she had with her parents regarding the tattoo she got in the tattoo party last night in the hostel (err, I did not go to that).To her it was kinda no BIGGIE, but when she showed us last night, my eyes nearly pop out cos err…again, to me its long (cos I think its a 2 sentence lyrics or something) at the side and the font size is like twenty six perhaps? And there were no anasthetics or whatever so she need to constantly rub alcohol or something to numb the pain. Ok, kids …please consult ur parents if u are living under their roof? Im trying to be open here, u know that muslims should not do tattoo right? hmm…

Ok,Im a morning bird. I woke up as early as 5am.As usual after a hot shower, the pancakes making…. Im beginning to be an expert. In fact, mine is the smallest, daintiest and fairest of them all. Cos I woke up early and not so many people around so I took my time to create the perfect pancakes.

After that, I went to the internet corner.Here there is FREE WI-FI for laptops so make the best use of that. I left my laptop home so I had to pay $5 for 60mins and $10 for 150mins (which is more worth it).The reception will issue you a password and u can use it as and when u like. U can continue using it till the next day if u are not an a heavy internet user like me.I try to switch off all communications when I backpack. That is why I thought (partly the reason) I should leave my laptop home. I just want to enjoy travelling without all that wires and technology.

And I book AMTRAK ticket (train) from Union Station to San Diego (book online cost about $31USD) and its FREE seating for 3 hour ride. There is another alternative, u can take GREYHOUND, a bus ride ,longer trip but I heard its not that punctual cos there were times where the buses did not turn up, that is what I heard, I could be wrong. And furthermore the sightseeing of scenery of beaches and sorts are promised to be worth your while if I take the train so I take this chance to enjoy it while I can.

By today, i already felt that I belonged here. Like I live in LA.I walked leisurely , knowing well what bus and metro to take. Where to buy stuff. In fact, there are many familiar faces since I kept walking the same route that it was great to be greeted while u walk thru same streets , same supermarket or shops. It was as if I was born here.Hmm..

What is the agenda today? My NZ roomie wanted to go to GETTY centre (yeah, u probably figured that either Im a stalker or I follow people’s shadow around cos these travellers do their research and Im just following them for the ride and experience. This is really the first time in my life that I did not plan my trip) And its good cos u dont have high expectations and was always surprised by the way things work out fine.

I did not know what is Getty Centre. Who is Getty,anyway?

But seriously if u think museums and all that are a yawn like I used to think, just go for it this time cause u will get more than u bargained for.Trust me.

We waited for Bus no.2 near Amoeba music but the bus did not come till about 2hours later?!! Nearly gave up. Metro/subway is more punctual than buses. So do bring a book or psp wherever to entertain urself.

Then we pass thru Bel-Air, reminds me of the comedy “FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR” my favourite. It still makes me laugh now.

Then we took another bus and stop at the Getty centre. Upon reaching there, we alight a tram that goes uphill. And 5mins alter, we are there. It was huge. First impression, it look like a science laboratory centre. Very clean cut.

We went for the botanical tour and got to know many types of herbs and trees planted around. I learnt about Jasmine, Spanish lavender which is also anti-bacterial that is why it is a common ingredients of soap.The jasmine found here has a much different smell than back home.There is one flower that really smell like HONEY.

Then we jump off to another nearby tour of architectural designs then halfway we walk to a nearby eatery and had vegetarian sandwiches for lunch.

Then we walk on our own to these big, large exhibitions. WOW! So many sculptures, naked photos, paintings that look so real that if u look longer, I fear it might wink at you! Seriously, its almost human! There were also old scriptures, woven materials in the 18th century (I guess.. Im not good at keeping tabs of facts, it goes in one ear and out the other)

Some nude photos went way back to the past (I try to skip most of them but sometimes, my eyes landed there accidentally, hmm..). I sense that the models are not keen to participate in it kinda circumstantial even if it is in the name of art. That is what I felt by studying their facial expressions.My opinion…personally mine.

There were beautiful delicate and detailed furniture that if u have IKEA furniture at home, u felt that those are not furniture, those are toys!Seriously, it was majestic and beautiful. U can even take shots of it, although there were many security around. I did not take any, I got goosebumps…I rather have it here and not with me…eerie.

There were a point of time , I read the history and story behind the images that I nearly want to puke cos it was so real that I felt immersed in the story that I really felt nausea immediately. About a daughter who breastfeed the father to survive…Sorry..cannot take it *puke

My favourite was a picture of a couple, I felt that it spoke to me. Sadly though they have to part. I forgot the name, let me check my twitter (though it was costly, I tweet so that I can remind myself of the beautiful stuff I found on the spot in my trip instantly)Oh ok “the farewell of Telemachus and Eucharias”.So touching…that I bought a miniature of it as a magnet for USD$5. Im not so into this museum thingy, paintings and all that but this painting REALLY spoke to me..hmm..

But for sure, after this experience, I felt that anyone can be a photographer,artist,furniture maker (?!!) and… cos all depends on ur own determination and passion. Felt a surge of creativity rushing thru my mind after all that tour. Hmm…perhaps, it can improve my phototaking? Can u feel my feelings thru my food pictures, anyone? (besides hunger.. hehe!)

Oh, I did see the UCLA….so huge! Wish could study there…Oh, u can find Americans of all ages still studying in school. So its never too old to study.Lifelong learning…this is what I always believe in.

There is also a family area and water wading area for kids.We did see some group of people sketching the drawings hanging in the exhibition. These people (From kids to adults) were learning how to sketch people and there is someone from the Center that will guide them. Interesting!

So after spending about 5 hours day, the centre is closing. I walked till my legs are sore. When u are reading and was mesmerised by the exhibition, u dont feel the tiredness but when its all over, Gosh! I need a chair or a bed!

Went back the same route. This Metro bus driver showed us Bill Cosby house.WOW! So big! Then walked to Hollywood blvd and do some window shopping. i went back early and rest my tired legs.

Travel tip/tricks: u need a set of wheels, if u cannot drive on their side of the road like me, bring or rent a skateboard (if u cannot ride on it, sit then) or roller blades or foldable bicycle. I realised skateboards are a favourite more of transport here. Irregardless whatever age and sexes. U can catch a smart looking man in business suit on skateboard even females do too.

My story: I tried skateboarding when I was in 5th grader. I tried to stand on my brother’s skateboard and I cannot even do that and end up falling on my two bug’s bunny teeth.There was a chip. So first and the last attempt. hehe!Unless I can find a patient skateboard GURU who is willing to guide me endlessly patiently with all the guards on my knees, elbows and head and neck and tummy everywhere….then I think I can have a go at it.heheh!Ok, I went into Amoeba music (nearest subway station is Hollywood Vine) There are nearby cinemas.I like this music store. It is HUGE and it has second hand cds and DVDs and records which are on sale for as low as USD1.99 (I saw that on Willie Nelson DVD) i think its cool. Music should not be expensive.I think this will somehow helps reduce waste. We do have similar concept in CASH CONVERTERS back home but its not solely CDs and DVDs , they also have appliances, instruments anything that people want to let go. Not much varieties on music though.

After that head back to hostel. I seldom travel around at night in Hollywd Blvd except one day I had a movie night with friends. It was ok, not that scary.

The hostel was in the area of clubs and discos ..I heard music playing loud at night but I was too tired, the music sound like a lullaby to me. Zzzz…..

To be continued..
Coming soon :Read on about Putri’s journey to be a LIVE audience in a TV show…Day 6

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