Day 1 -Fear crept in slowly but surely…

This post is fresh from oven…

I dunno whether I should write this post cos no one knows where the heck I am (of course they are key personnels that knew the exact location Im in). Kinda mystery but hey, blog is about freshness right? Well, the truth is, i did not bring my laptop along..I know big blunder…but I thought the security measures and all the hassle and dassle of lugging it around…

So here I am paying good money for meagre minutes of internet trying to blast my thoughts out. Hope its worth it. We’ll see..

Few weeks ago, I never thought I would be flying. Heck, I thought I would be serenading myself between 4 walls of my house. Then my mom need to return to Europe and after settling some important stuff with her in Europe. It was mission accomplished! And it ended much earlier than expected. So should I go home or loiter around in Europe or do the unthinkable? Furthermoe I already send notices to my schools and work that I will be away for 2 weeks. So what shall I do? Armed with all the technology and mouse in hand, I surf…not the waves but the net and found some charming deals that I cannot resist.

Before I know it, days later, Im flying again, in another continent. I never imagined that I would ever be in this position. Flying high, uncertain what the future holds for me and of course all the flu that travels around..

i flew over and immigration was a breeze. Seriously, I was prepared to strip down to my boots. I thought they gonna scanned me all over. Nothing of that sort. The people are great.

Ok…what’s next. I did not really planned. I sat there for few hours thinking or perhaps blanked out. It seems kinda rusty but my backpacking skills seems to be obsolete. Call it stupid or improper planning…whatever.

I gather my thoughts and I said, ok..I know the airport shutttle will lead me to where I wanna go but let’s just take the cab (wat?!) and the cabbie took me elsewhere cos the place that I wanna go cost about $300++ (daylight robbery?!!).And before I knew it, the fare metre went faster than the cab speed. For 45 minutes ride=$70. He was nice enough to give me $10 discount.(or perhaps he knows that he rip an innocent naive gal)

The place that I settled in wasnt on my list at all. All the glitz and glamour (Sorry Imran Ajmain, I think I beat u to this place..oops!Because before I left, I read about Imran Ajmain, our local singer/song writer which is very popular in Malaysia, was invited to go to Hollywood to perform Malay songs in Malay traditional costume, something like that...)The hostel was a nice place . At $36 per night seems sane enough knowing that the happenings in town is of rocketing price. Well, expereince is PRICELESS.

As soon as I settled in, I went for a tour with a new roomie from Germany. Then after that, I dozed off in dreamy land for a day(hey! I got into many hours of flight, ok..and I did not sleep much, only 2-3hours, perhaps the slumdogs millionaire, last chance harvey, marley and me and …..2 movies that I forgotten kinda kept me awake)

Believe me when I told u , I nearly puked when they served me breakfast right at the moment when I actually watched the boy’s eyes being spooned slumdogs.

Ok back to the story..
I was knocked out for a day before someone actually dragged me out for a whole night of card games..(errr..not poker or gambling just simple yet crazy game between 7-9 people from all over the globe)To be elaborated later…

So…it’s a crazy tale but hey it’s happening to me. I just opened my heart to embrace little tiny life experiences and I got more than I bargained for.Alhamdulillah.

From my experience, not many knew about muslim and they were intrigued by my little shawl head (some thought it was a cap or something) and asked me. Somehow I did spread some knowledge about Islam to the world. They respect that. I love it. I love meeting people from many places and share experiences.Unexpected.

As for the food, Im a true blue vegetarian for this 1 week.Cos I have not chanced upon a HALAL eatery yet. Insya-Allah, when I move to another county later on, I hope to get closer to the muslim community, insya-Allah and get to see some of the beautiful mosques here.There was a man who actually talked to me and asked whether I am a muslim. I said yes and he said “God bless”…we chat and he showed me how to get to the nearest mosque (but it wasnt that near unless Im driving so…)

Latest: I missed Terminator premiere…went to Art museum and nearly puked (the paintings are so surreal that I felt it was 3d…kinda creepy that I did not dare to photograph them even if we could. I like one painting though), got an earthquake but I missed it cos Im watching cinema, aint nothing 2 b proud of…) I had walked almost 7-9hours almost everyday..need a massage and some hot oil/ointment badly.Tomorrow, gonna be another great day , insya-Allah…I’m gonna be a live audience in one tv show.YEY! And its FREE! My notebook is full of facebook email adds, have not add them yet…procrastinating cos some pics are kinda wild. Hmm..)

Well, whatever it is, hopefully, u guys are doing great…

I know Im looking forward to lunching with u all. Especially since Im craving for some HALAL seafood and meat…Grrr…Perhaps, I should lose another 10kg so that I can eat more on that special eat and burp session, huh?! hehhe!

Take care,
luv ya!


p.s: What’s great is that most people thought Im in the early twenties even the ones in my age group thought I was too young to mix with them. Wait till I tell them about my kids, hmm…

And err…due to limited access to internet, I cannot reply to the many wonderful emails/comments u guys sent. Sorry, but do keep typing, ok? I love those motivating comments!

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