Balinese food.Yum?

Hey, got this from the comments…
(sorry for late response, I’m working thru all the comments from recent first, bear with me,ok?)

Dear Putri,
Pleased to let you and your fans know I recently opened a Halal Balinese restaurant (UBUD) at 793 Bukit Timah Rd,

For details pls visit Do drop by!

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2 thoughts on “Balinese food.Yum?”

  1. went thr 2 wks ago. i prefer bali thai then this. no variety of food (eg. thr's only 1 type of fish, sotong, prawn). most things we wanted to order were not available (such turn off!). there were alot of types of sambal but were all tasteless. like wat my dad always; kali pertama & terakhir…

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