Where in the world is Putri?Make a guess…

Dear yummy readers of this blog,

I would never have thought I would be at this place. This is one of the NEVER place that I would go but somehow I did. I did not plan for this neither was I looking forward to it. It was never in my “top 100 places to visit before I die” -kinda thing (book title). I am shocked at the sudden turn of events.I’ve been pinching myself thinking, “Is this for real?”

Then when I reached the place, Im supposed to go somewhere but the cab took me elsewhere, a much glamourous place which i never had imagined myself to be in. Alhamdulillah. God is great. Everything happens for a reason. Everyday is a miracle.

Well, I am somewhere…out there…on the map.

Just hopefully, I will be back safe and sound in 2 weeks time in time for the meetup at Sembawang Bottle Tree Village lunch with u guys…

so make a guess, where am I?


p.s: Every dream is POSSIBLE. Open ur heart to believe it no matter how farfetched it seems.Fate,coincidences are just many God’s great gifts to us.Embrace and cherish them…no matter how little they seems to be…Thanks. God bless…

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3 thoughts on “Where in the world is Putri?Make a guess…”

  1. Hi Putri!From your twitter, I think u went to US. Do be careful though and enjoy yourself! Cannot wait to hear updates from your backpack trip!

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