We meet, we eat and we burp together!!!

Dear yummy readers of mine,

take note that there will be a gathering for Putri , her blog readers n friends n all others interested in meetup n share a “lunching-in” experience together ….

Date: 30th May 2009 (Saturday lunch)… (insya-Allah)
Time: 12pm
Venue:Bottle Tree Village (Sembawang branch) 2nd floor
(Thank you VEE for such an initiative! )

We were supposed to arrange to meet and eat together (I think we should have a t-shirt like “We meet, we eat, we burp together but we …. alone !!! – thks D, for the extra line! hehe!) and somehow, I thought , why not extend the invitation to others who are interested to dine together and at the same time,get to know more people n widen that circle of friends/acquaintances.

I would never have imagine, I would actually come out of the shelf (I just wanna be virtually present) but since MANJA (thanks!) has revealed my true self, Hmm why not? Appreciate if those regular readers can present themselves too!

So if u are interested to lunch a seafood meal with us (dont forget those wallets filled with cash!! fyi- we are going “dutch”), please kindly RSVP me by 16th of May 2009 thru my email : putri-berendam@hotmail.com (with the subject as: RSVP:30th may) Do include ur name and ur contact number (a must!) so that I could text/sms u of any changes.

Thank you very much. Just wear casual, leave those tuxedoes behind. (hehee!)
There will be an autograph session for Putri’s fans…(heheh! just kidding!)

Have a yummilicious day!


(if u noticed that the food posts are not up to date, sorry Im actually “detoxing” my laptop harddisk. Previously in December, I have the trouble of posting images due to limited space on blogger and also photobucket limited bandwidth, I had to stop for a while and now Im actually using another alternative and use blogger again (be on the safe side). So take note of the date that the posts are written,k?)

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9 thoughts on “We meet, we eat and we burp together!!!”

  1. Salam kak,

    I always go to ur blog to know of new places that serve halal food..

    Lately, I've been looking for fine dining type restaurants which is Halal..

    I dont know if this is the right place to ask/suggest, but do you go to halal fine dining places?

    If you know of any, do u mind sharing?

    I mean apart from carousel, straits kitchen etc, im curious if there's any other similar and halal places…

    Hope u dont mind me askin..:)

    Thank You..=)

  2. Hey Yahfiq, that's GREAT…email me ur details plz.

    Nurul, Hey that's a good question.I will post it on the blog, insya-Allah. Thankx.

  3. I just found your site and I think you're doing a great service for everyone! Thanks for the wonderful guide to Halal Food in Singapore! Keep posting great stuffs here 😀

  4. EatinginKL-Hi! I had placed ur link ..

    afzainizam-Glad u like it! Thanks for the motivation!

    Andrew- definitely right, good food in good company..hmm…

  5. Hi,
    Chanced upon your blog tonight. Pleased to let you and your fans know I recently opened a Halal Balinese restaurant (UBUD) at 793 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-01. For details pls visit http://www.ubud.com.sg. Do drop by!

    Syed Mohd

  6. Tks for a great blog!
    BTW, does anyone know if there are any NASI KANDAR places anywhere in S'pore? They're all over M'sia but why not here? Tried it in Penang years ago. Mahalo….

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