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4am chow down!

February 2009

Mohd Ismail food stall
Location: Boon Lay Place food village

Wanted to eat Nasi Lemak Power Boon Lay but I missed it by minutes. Just finished. I do some sneaking beneath the roller shutter gate and asked, and some get the eftovers. Wah, so sedap….till u need to get under…

Anyway, as I was watching, I realised that they are cooking a new batch of food. Many dishes like nasi padang or something…perhaps its for breakfast….then what am i eating? Supper or pre-breakfast?Hmm…

Anyway, tummy was playing “Metallica” (these are the nights of rendezvous driving) and I saw this prata being flipped nicely by this indian man so I thought “why not?”

The egg prata was nice and fluffy and I asked for dollops of curry on the prata, wait for it to be soggy and ATTACK!! I was given mutton dalcha curry and it was nice. warning: Dalcha (vegetables and beans curry) can cause immediate bowel disagreements, so ensure toilet is closeby.

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1 thought on “4am chow down!”

  1. U should try the one beside Nasi lemak stall. There’s an Indian stall also selling prata. The gravy is the best. Kari ikan!

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