Sweet delights at Swensens…Mmm..

Swensens’ restaurant
Changi Airport Terminal 2
Arrival hall

February 2009

It’s a girls night out….and what are girls’ best friends?
Dessert, chocolate…(err not diamonds..)

All of us requested for the sticky chewy chocolate ice-creams. And guess who got the warm soft brownie with sticky chewy chocolate goodness and chocolate topping sizzling on it? Me, of course!

The waffles are good too…but each dessert is about $10 (plus service charge)kinda costly for waffles, I think u can get waffles at Box Bistro Tampines COURTS (near IKEA) at only $4+ or u can go to Prima Deli and get some hot piping ones for less than $1.50?

The ambience in this SWENSENS restaurant was quite chirpy and coffeeshop like (it is beyond midnite but its so lively)…sometimes u gotta raise ur voice to be heard…kinda like a voice raising competition but the staff is quite helpful.

Once in a while u need to splurge on these desserts….so gals, when is the next chocolate bath?

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