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Barcelos FLAME grilled chicken is HALAL?!!!

Updated 2010-This restaurant is no longer Halal-certified.

I was told by RIA (thanks!), another new eatery/restaurant has been HALAL-certified >>>Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken located at Vivocity (near to The Cocoa Trees)

(always ensure that the HALAL certificate is being displayed before consuming, thanks!)

“Barcelos currently boasts 91 outlets in 6 countries across the globe and we are constantly expanding towards new horizons. The current trend which is moving towards poultry products both for health and affordability reasons combined with the Barcelos concept is undoubtedly a recipe for success. ……

THE SECRET….As Important as the Barcelos Legend is, so is the Marinade Recipe used for Barcelos Chicken, which is so old its Origins cannot be traced. Using the Finest Quality Chickens, Barcelos Chickens are Marinated for 24 hours and then Flame Grilled to absolute perfection.”

Wonder how it tasted like? (thanks Harris & for ur “research” …!) read here:

More Yummy Pictures? Here….

Do check it out! (I have not been there…)

p.s: Always ensure all eateries featured have an ORIGINAL HALAL-certificate displayed. And not a photocopy…just a word of caution and some only displayed certificate of HALAL meat used. Take note…thanks!

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8 thoughts on “Barcelos FLAME grilled chicken is HALAL?!!!”

  1. Hello,

    I doubt Barcelos has gone Halal, I checked the Singapore Halal Directory and it's not listed.

    Unless Barcelos is listed under a restaurant name starting with a letter other than "B", there is no sign of it here:

    At least Pastamania has gone Halal, and only time will tell if Barcelos follows suit. I hope it does too. There isn't any pork on the menu, but I think you know as well as I do how some people are quick to classify that as "Halal".

    If you're interested, this is my post on Barcelos:


  2. I checked the place out earlier today (04/04/09 8+PM) but did not dine in. There is a MUIS halal cert prominently displayed. Didn’t scrutinise it…but I doubt they would be so brazen to flout the rules by displaying the cert without obtaining it properly, right? ^_^

  3. Hi Harris.

    Barcelos is actually halal certified already. Been to vivo abt 2 weeks back and it had a halal cert.

    maybe it is not yet updated in the sg halal directory.

    go check it out! i havent tried it yet though so i cant give a review. but soon, insya Allah.

  4. I worked in Harbour Front and YES tried Barcelos.. it is really nice something like Nandos.. and YES it is HALAL certified by MUIS.. and had a talked with the boss.. nice fella.. ppl go try it out its nice and free flow of drink 😉

  5. I went to Barcelos last Friday. Had the 1/2 chicken and free flow drink. Chose veri peri, corn, rice(like briyani) and Wedges(Very nice and big in portion). I would definitely go there again.

    and…yes, it is halal certified 🙂

  6. Hi, an update on Barcelos…the Halal cert is no longer at the store and when called, the operator told me that they do not have the Halal cert but the chickens are from Halal sources…

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