My last post before my flight…

Ok I need to fly to somewhere….

but before that , let me leave u with some fish bones from my favourite ASAM FISH and CELOK fish stall… hehhe!

Very clean isnt it? Better than cats? hehhe!

Try guessing… where is it from?

Simple yet fulfilling meal…. total only $6 for 2 people. Burp!

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4 thoughts on “My last post before my flight…”

  1. I can think of only ONE stall that sells kuah celok. That is the Nasi Bawean stall at 62, Desker Road. The asam pedas and belacan is super!
    – Hamzah, Punggol.

  2. I wanted see if you could write a post about halal snacks available in the united states?

    We produce halal jerky, and it is getting a lot of stir in the halal community.

    Please visit to get access to our halal products

  3. Hamzah-U are SPOT ON!! Guess, we got similar tastebuds, huh?

    Anonymous- Hey! That’s great! I’ve been searching for other HALAL beef jerky than JACK LINKS. Never been to the States. I think its time, I ask Mrant and Reg to send me some INSANE JERKY over here.Hmm..

  4. Haha.. Thats my grandmother's shop & my mum's the one who gave me your link. Anyway, Love your blog! Now I can find a good new spot to eat! Weee. (=

    happy eatting! (=

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