Kaaraikudi banana leaf restaurant

December 2008

127-131 Serangoon Road singapore 218036
tel: 65-63964646

Went to little India around 9+pm. This place is packed with people. And the food is sold out! So I ate whatever that is left… *sigh.

Their popular food is their dum briyani. Even the typical northern indian vegetarian rice looked so YUMMY! (I glanced at other customers)

Plain dosai was ok .

Egg prata -not bad

I think this is Onion rawa. I like this….their curry gravy are nice too!

I think i need to come again to try their briyani rice and their rice dishes and how about that fish head curry? Hmm…

Masala tea and teh tarik….nice hot beverages in this cold rainy night…

I like the customer service. One of the waiter wasn’t even frustrated to answer my many,many,many questions. hee!

tip: Come earlier perhaps in the evening…..5 or 6pm.Don’t come around 9pm.The location is beside the Hindu Temple.

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4 thoughts on “Kaaraikudi banana leaf restaurant”

  1. hi! went to eat here with my partner about a month ago. they are very generous with their helpings and the food is quite good. very filling but the price is abit steep. nontheless a very good meal. the chicken and mutton are a must try!

  2. Hey!
    my friend and i go to lil india often and we try out different restaurants each time!

    Kaaraikudi’s briyani IS really darn good.. tons of spices and really delicious!

    There was another restaurant with real good briyani near Kerbau road.. Briyani Hut or something the drink stall next to it serves Onion Bhaji which is really yummy like onion rings indian style! 😀

  3. Hi Mau! Thanks for the recommendation! Yeah I need to revisit that place again..mutton, chicken briyani…*droolz

    Hi Kayos! Hmm, I heard about that Briyani hut a year ago but couldnt fin dit. I went near Buffalo rd, chander road…but failed to find it.Do u have its exact location or any landmark near it?Thanks!

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