JAPANESE HALAL food at SIMEI eastpoint, where are you?

Anonymous asked me this question. So I refer it to the wide vast intelligent readers. This way, we can do a “group activity” and get involved.

If u do know what happened to the Japanese HALAL stall that has closed down/or moved from Simei EAST POINT, do inform yours truly. Cos I am interested to know too!! Or if u see an intelligent loooking SABA aka mackerel fish looking at you from some stall and it is HALAL, perhaps that could also be a clue.Do keep me informed.

Love Japanese food…

Ok, people get those brains cracking and legs walking…now….hehee!

p.s: There is a HALAL chinese dumpling stall in Banquet Simei Eastpoint too (I love!!) but it disappeared. Hmm..any ideas where it “abracadabra” to?

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3 thoughts on “JAPANESE HALAL food at SIMEI eastpoint, where are you?”

  1. Shin Tokyo next to Yew Tee MRT (new shopping centre) is good n HALAL of course. If not wrong, its part of Ramen Ten.

  2. there’s a korean stall at food culture in lot one (halal food court). their saba fish set is delicious, as is their beef bbq set.

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