IKEA chicken wings look so VAVAVOOM!

February 2009

Sorry not HALAL…..

I went to Tampines IKEA for shopping and I decided to try out their HALAL corner. They served nasi padang and some western food (kids meal). So we (the adults) ordered the kids menu. Me and my galfrend ate some seafood rings, fries and nuggets ($2.90 per plate +drink $1.50). The nuggets really tasted like McDonalds. Hmm…

They were good. Hot and crispy. But my eyes cannot stop staring at plates and plates of red brownish chicken wings pile up on each and every table. I wonder, is it cheap, or something? Or perhaps its deliciously yummy?! Hmmm….

Droolz…. I wonder will IKEA ever make their chicken wings HALAL? Or perhaps , it is like the meatballs….it will NEVER be HALAL (cos of the pork content)
But then , I noticed the malays chowing down (at the lower level cafe right after the check out counters/cashiers) munching on hotdogs +bread. I know the currypuff was made by muslim (I “interrogate” the makcik there…hehe!)But the hotdogs??? Someone please enlighten me….
I think I will ask IKEA directly….hmm…maybe.
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5 thoughts on “IKEA chicken wings look so VAVAVOOM!”

  1. the meatballs not so worry, i’ve tried in ikea KL which is Halal and the taste is not different with meatballs in pizza hut. About the chicken wing, my goodness putri, i always craving whenever go to ikea. hopefully they can make it halal just like in KL..

    some coincidenced happen when i went to ikea tampines and i saw the lorry of the hotdog has halal logo..but i don’t know if they delivered the hotdog for ikea or not.

  2. Hi Putri,my mom ever asked 1 of the Ikea staff if the hotdogs were halal and the staff said ‘NO’..but I saw many muslims buying it..Hopefully it is halal..cos time jahil dulu,I pernah makan hotdogs from Ikea..Memang sedap..

  3. the hotdog is not halal..have approached the stall attendant to ask…sigh…d hotdog is so darn cheap n looks gd too!

  4. I have wrote in to Ikea before to enquire about the Hotdogs. The answer given was….Not Halal. And was informed that they have no immediate plans to make it Halal.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Osman-yeah there was such a big hoo-haa, cos the non-muslims want the old meatballs back.It tasted nicer with the pork meat, so they say.The meatballs became typical when they make it HALAL, so perhaps, they should start mixing it up with lamb or something.Hmm…
    Thanks for the HALAL logo tip!

    Liz-thanks for sharing!

    2 anonymouses- Thank u so much. I love that the readers are taking matters into their own hands. Kinda great! Thanks for the great info!

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