How bout roasted kangaroo tail?

I do not plan to enter in this contest for bloggers (cos I seldom win) but it left me an email in the inbox “persuading” me to join and so here I am blogging about it with no idea on how to start.

The truth is I have no idea what Australia is all about. Never been there, never research about it either. Most of my friends been there,some met their other halves there and some stayed there for good. I have a “god-grandparents”(nenek atuk angkat) there but never visited them. Hmm…

I’ve always aim far. Since young, I’ve always chose schools that are at least an hour away. If I live east, I choose west schools, if I live south, I will choose north school. I find the journey to school very interesting, unpredictable and always looking forward to it like it is some kind of “Indiana Jones adventure” thus I prefer further distances. That goes the same for traveling, I look forward to European holidays and roadtrips to Asia but Australia, hmm.. I cannot get there by car, can I? (if by flight ,its too short a journey, I love to spend as much time possible in higher altitude if I need to fork out the money.Is there a flight to nowhere?hee!)

Anyway, if given the chance to travel to Australia, I would choose Tasmania. I would love to try out the river rafting, bush walking, cliffs climbing , kayaking and caves exploring. If they have an animal safari like in the Africa, I wouldn’t mind camping there. And for sure, I would dip myself silly in their rivers (any crocs?) and seas or else my name wouldnt’ be “Putri-Berendam” (princess who loves water) in my ninja turtle suit …isnt it?Eh, there is also hang gliding, YIPEE!! Free like the bird, I don’t mind…but is it like boomerang, where it knows how to return home?

And while others prefer marshmallow bbq, I wouldn’t mind bbq-ing some kangaroo’s tails (provided its HALAL) and some hot cocoa by the campfire (missed those camping/campfire days). Catch ur own food (Err..Im sounding more like I’m entering a survivor TV series). Tempting some bears with some honey…telling ghost stories…That would be cool.

So this is my entry for the contest, just hope that I get to win the trip for two to Australia (who am I going with? Can I keep the other ticket and go again some other time, please? Hmm..) and get to enjoy it the “hardcore fun” way!


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