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HALAL fine dining places wanted…

Any ideas beside Carousel, Straits kitchen….???
(Thanks Nurul for asking!)

Here are some ideas given by the readers (Thank u so much!):
Some are not FINE dining, seriously…. but its a bit higher standard than typical I just list it out..u make ur own comparisons n conclusions, k? (thanks Carpe Diem ,for pointing it out!)

1)AsianBistro at the NUS Staff Centre! (thks Don Sadus!)
2) (thks Adlin!)
3)Tiffany International Halal Buffet. (thks Deedot!)
4) Bali Thai (thks Ria!)
5)Eatzi Steakhouse
6)Earle Swensens
7)Fig n Olive
8)J’s Wok n Grill
9) Taj Samudra
10)Mughals Hyderabadi Briyani
11) Sofra Turkish Cafe
12)Sundanese Restaurant
13)Garuda Padang cuisine
14) Sakunthalas
15)Grand court vegetarian restaurant

if still not satisfactory, go to KL ..hehehe!

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11 thoughts on “HALAL fine dining places wanted…”

  1. Salam,

    I have been reading your blog for some time now. and very much enjoying it!

    Regarding the post, I’m not too sure if you consider Bali Thai as a fine dining option?

    Btw, i just discovered Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken located at Vivocity (near to The Cocoa Trees) is halalised now! Another halal place to share with Muslim readers out there đŸ™‚

  2. hi there.. if you are looking into halal buffet. maybe you wanna try Furma City Centre – Tiffany International Halal Buffet. =)

  3. thiraonthenetâ„¢

    Family Internationall Buffet has no more halal outlet..

    i called them (Taka outlet) in Feb this yr to make reservations for my team dinner and was told that they will no longer have the halal family international buffet…

    which is kinda sad, dun u think so.. =(

  4. Awesome list! Chanced upon this blog while looking for halal places to eat to accommodate my muslim friends. I might try out Barcelos with my friend who is halal one day.

    By the way, just want to point out that these places are not exactly fine dining and not close to semi-fine either. =/

  5. Not sure if you can consider this, Fishn N Chicks next to Sembawang Shopping Centre. 8 Days gave this place 4/5 stars. I personally gave it 2.5, maybe we came at the wrong time and the head chef is off duty. One more thing not sure if they waiter head us wronly. The homemdae ice lemon tea tasted didn’t taste homemade. Maybe someone else can check out and give their opinion.

  6. One of the best halal fine dining places that we have tried in terms of food, quality, top ingredients with an entirely French menu is La Sophia. in London UK NOTTING HILL. They have foie gras, rabbit, quails, pigeon, ostrich, duck and the usual meats like lamb, chicken and beef. All cooked the French standard. Amazing quality and tasty presented well.
    46 Golborne Road
    London Notting Hill
    W10 5PR

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