Flaxseed, lemon….cleanse the kidney and bladder

Warning: Do not read this when u are eating, about to eat or after eating, heck …read it when u want to go to sleep or need to run to the loo.

I sneak out while running an errand today. Guess what is my errand? Today is tuesday and what does that say? DUCK CURRY @ dunlop road. If u are wondering whether the duck did tempt me, sorry babe..it didnt.Seriously, I dunno why , I have no appetite…anyway, everything has a blessing in disguise, insya-Allah.

I was just a courier. I passed the duck curry to the people who longed for it.Hmm…

Anyway, I sneak out and chat with my galfrends and she wanted me to join her in her quest. (Thanks Cel and Bummer for the idea!)


A friend who is on organic diet has done this cleansing with flaxseed oil , lemon and….. to cleanse her body. And the next day , was a big SURPRISE for her. She saw “things” in her stools. Some stones…and greenish stuff… But for that 1 month, all she eat was vegetables and organic stuff. She warned that one could be weak. But no pain, no gain right? After that she said , healing was fast. Whatever that u have, e.g acne or anything that needs healing, it will occur fast. Hmm…

I think we need to detox our body as often as we can but at least once in a lifetime. I saw there is this 14-21 days detox program-colon cleansing .. that u need to fast for about that few weeks to 21 days and then eat these pills and the stools will come out the next day with weird items like “leftovers,chunks of meat that has not broken down in ur intestines” (yikes! Please chew ur food…) and whatever that is stuck there and causes that toxins in the body.

Since, she knew I’m having no appetite at the moment…why not join her in her “quest”? I think I will embrace her idea. Getting older…I need to use my body for long…Hmm.

So far, I’ve lost 5kg within 2 weeks. Felt lighter, happier….rejuvenated…

But drinking flaxseed oil (oil? Yucky gooey oil?!!) , lemon… I doubt it can be worse than “ubat periuk” (indonesian herbal drink), right mom? *chuckles

But I fear to expect the unexpected in the loo….Hmm.

p.s: Recently,I also tried someething new on my skin: ROSKEN cream.. on the face, I tried HIGH potency VITAMIN E cream repair($15 big) it really works in healing those unsightly scars, pigmentation… and after I finished that whole tube, I use dry skin cream ($6 small) as daily usage.

OMG! It really repairs and replenish that moisture in ur skin. Normally, I don’t apply cream at all and I only use normal tap water to wash my face (all my life). This is really good. And it is HALAL. But try it at ur own risk, cos I’m just sharing what I’ve discovered. Our skins may differ and may yield different results.If unsure , consult ur doctor. Or try it on ur hands first or something…

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