Especially for Muslim tourists coming to Singapore…

I had been feeling guilty eversince I received two emails (from the same person) that needed my help badly. A muslim couple tourists came to Singapore and stayed in a hotel near Middle road.

But the email did not reached me, it went into the junk folder. Due to heavy influx of emails coming in and assortments, it kinda filter for me those emails that look ambiguous. But this time, I do not know why I felt that I need to look into the junk folders.And I saw the “help email”.

These tourists needed my help to find HALAL food. Perhaps its their first time here. The area that they stayed need lots of walking to find HALAL food but when u find it, “JACKPOT!” (e.g The Arab street is nearby..)

Anyway, when I go thru the JUNK Folder, it was too late when I read it, they had flown home.

I felt so guilty eversince so i took this initiative….(I hope I can fulfill it to my utmost insya-Allah)

Dear muslim tourists/tourists who love HALAL food,

do email me much, much earlier with this in the subject “Tourist from ……” (state your country of departure/originality) and then write in the body of the email that u need help finding HALAL food and whatever that u need from me (Sorry cannot provide lodging or money)

I will try my best to take time off or make myself available for you and meet you. I will provide my own personalised tour (with 2 strong legs, insya-Allah). Do not forget to inform me what type of food u want to try out, your allergy to any food, whether u can take spicy food and the date n time u are arriving, duration of stay, contact details in Singapore (hotel phone number/handphone with country code please) and others….. (Be concise, provide details)

So far, I ‘ve received 2 such letters. First was a backpacker which I had provided her with maps and directions (a year ago) .Next is the couple who desperately need my help but I was late and the hotel that they stayed actually told them, they are HALAL but the next day, they “served u-know-what” (Cheaters!) I felt angry…somehow. I thought we Singaporeans irregardless of race and religion, are honest especially in regards to FOOD. Don’t confuse no pork no lard with HALAL, please, if u do not know/unsure call ur muslim friends. I believe everyone here have muslim friends since we are an integrated, racial community.

Note for hotels/restaurants/stalls owners/staff:Please don’t lie to get more customers or business cos that would be cheating, and it will never prosper. Imagine you are a vegetarian and the soup that u ate supposingly vegetarian had some flesh of meat in it. How do u feel? Cheated right? Hmm…


p.s: For that couple who had a bad experience as mentioned above, I am sorry for the bottom of my heart. Please don’t hesitate to visit Singapore again.

Spammers/pranksters, don’t take advantage. It will be dealt with seriously.

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