Don’t sweat the small things….

These are the key words that repetitively appear in my mind after the personal greet and meet up with Dr Jerald F Dirks aka Abu Yahya at the boarding room just now. (Kinda dejavu that I met someone from US again ). Sometimes in life, we worry about tiny nitty gritty things and forget the whole picture.So remember that! Life is precious and too short, so skip that (my own opinion)

Another point that I learnt is “to Listen”. Listen if u are a teacher, listen if u are a counsellor. Listen if u are a friend, mother, daughter, husband or wife..or anybody. Sometimes the “patient/client/students…” just need a listening ear and not solutions to the problem. I think that applies to everything in life. “LISTEN”.

Anyway, this is such a pleasant surprise. I was told to come but due to lost of communication along the way, I did not know who the visitor was and neither do I know what was the meeting all about but my heart opens freely to it, so there I was. (a sign?) Despite being lost.. I just grit my teeth and went.

Anyway, read all about him here:

So if u are interested, do check out his lectures in these coming days… The talks are in English and all are welcome (all races and religions).

1)”The Islamic message of love”
Friday 13th March 2009
8-10pm at Darul Arqam Auditorium
(near Paya Lebar MRT)

2)”Stepping into the LIGHT”
Saturday 14th March 2009
5-7pm NTUC auditorium, NTUC centre Marina Boulevard
(near Raffles Place MRT)

3) “from Jesus (as) to Muhammad (saw): Early Christianity and ISLAM”
Monday 16th March 2009
8-10pm at DBS auditorium
DBS building tower 2
6 shenton way
(near Tanjong Pagar MRT)

You can buy his books at Darul Arqam or

Dear favourite readers of mine…

I know this food blog is currently a “rojak” (mixture of lots) and I’m trying to grasp my bearings. So do practise patience, insya-Allah those eateries that I visited in February will be posted. Sorry, I’m either busy or on a roller coaster ride. Still holding on while the world is spinning too fast for me….


p.s: Oh something to share about my Arabic language class recently, there is a hadith that tell us not to gaze at someone eating… we are all muslims in the class but this is something new on adab of eating. So I thought of sharing it with u guys..Dont stare or look at others eating, especially the Arabs…ok?

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