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Carman’s…Australia’s premium gourmet….

MUESLI BARS!!! And its HALAL (endorsed by AFIC)

The packaging is interesting and these words are the ones that capture my attention..

“We believe food should come from the kitchen not the chemist….”

Found these at NTUC supermarket ($5.40 for 6 bars). Bought the fruit-free muesli bars (original)

It has LOW GI (Help control hunger and sustained energy), wheat free, high in fibre and has no preservatives. Best of all its ingredients are NOT genetically Modified.

Their promise ” We always try our best to source our Quality Ingredients from Australian Farmers…”

I like its humble beginning on how this Carman’s business came about. Read Carman’s story here:

Carman’s is a major sponsor for BOWEL cancer (2nd most common cancer in Australia) research trust.

p.s: Have not tasted it yet..cos err…got ulcers on my tongue n its making swallowing painful. Got 2 appreciate the tongue… I’m giving it a break so its “playing dead” at the moment. Hopefully Carman is not so sweet, dont really fancy sweet muesli bars .. So insya-Allah will soon try n comment…

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1 thought on “Carman’s…Australia’s premium gourmet….”

  1. hi putri.. coincidentally my fren gave a packet to me.. i was suprised as its halal~ hehe overall its quite nice to eat.. jus got n ate it yesterday 🙂

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