TOMORROW is 28th March 2009, Earth hour…Let’s do it!!

Turn off the lights for an hour (or more). Let’s try to save GAIA as much as we can. If everyone does little things to save it, it will accumulate and became a BIG THING! SO what if it is only an hour, almost the whole world is doing it, why not you?

Come let’s do it together on the 28th March 2009, Saturday 8.30pm (Hmm, I wonder what happens to the Shopping centres especially the 24hour ones? Black out?hehe..)

Make plans with ur family or ur date .Best go out and stroll under the moonlit night (if it rains, then its much fun, play in the rain then…) with ur lovely partner at the beach….create romance and love while u can…

If still unsure what to do, read it here . Start taking action …

What will I be doing?
I think I will go somewhere (with high altitude, some hill or something) so that I can see the view of whole Singapore switching off their lights at that very moment. That would be cool…Hmm.

Fyi- please plug out (pull out the plugs from the socket) when u are leaving the house and not just switch it off cos electicity still runs. If u dont believe try it for a month, u realise the bills are much cheaper. (I did it!) If not for the sake of GAIA then at least for ur “pockets”.. Recession, remember?

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