Warong Kampong Holland

As requested by a reader (thks!).

One look and u think this eatery is like a typical indian coffeeshop. But its unique name kinda kept u curious on what are they selling cos of the “Kampung” in their name.

Crept in about maghrib time (7+pm) and the place was almost full. It is small yet cosy. The food displayed were rojak and indian rice. There is a “prata man” with a see-thru glass panel so that the customers can see the man at work/to check whether he is doing his job (hehheh!)

The egg prata is nice with an extra crisp on the outside. But I forgot to ask for fish curry, the curry given was ok.

My makan kaki bought “nasi kandar” and love it! Now before u start comparing with the PENANG one, don’t compare…its different but I like the combination of it. Each separate dish (meat+fish+potato chutney+long beans+eggplant+rice =$4) has its own unique flavour, some is sour, saltish, bitter sweet, spicy…. I like!

One of the man with the songkok haji /cap ask us whether the food is to our liking and if not, he might ask the cook to freshly cook something else or if that fail to satisfy us, he might need to change the cook (I bet he’s joking..the cook is at our mercy ..yikes!)

They wore same uniform tops. Oh by the way, Teh tarek was nice..

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  1. What? They have roti prata in the evening? I’ve heard that their prata is nice, but when I went there during lunchtime, was told that prata is only till 11am. Have tried their chicken briyani – not bad.

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