Jong Ann chicken rice is taking a break

(Thanks, Dian for informing!)

Ok for those who had been writing in to ask me what had happened to this yummy chicken rice stall…

It was said that the owner was too tired thus taking a break that explains the closure of the Jong Ann chicken rice and being replaced by another food stall. (Thanks HZ , for taking the pic)

And the Teh tarek coffeeshop at Geylang (haig road), hmm… I wonder what happens to it??! The whole coffeeshop was in shambles sort of in a renovation thingy or upgrading.

Updates: I saw ONE A or is it 1A curry puffs at tampines mall no longer have the HALAL certificate, so take note. They only put “NO pork, no lard”. I bet most of u have read about the “NO PORK NO LARD ” from MUIS in the Berita Harian last saturday, rite?

And the Tong Shui cafe at Terminal 2 (Changi Airport) no longer has HALAL certificate but only NO PORK NO LARD signage.

Will update more insya-Allah

fyi- chasing my “impossible” dream currently….so will MIA for awhile (doa for me, that I succeed, ok?).

Thank you for all the fabulous comments and for all ur support. All readers (irregardless of race, age and religion) …U play a BIG part in making this blog “popular” ( featured in Manja and other media) Thanks! Keep those comments and emails rolling….

Have a yummilicious day!


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3 thoughts on “Jong Ann chicken rice is taking a break”

  1. hi kak putri, at last your true self is revealed. we lurve your blog and will support you all the way. btw, if you need makan kakis, just count me in! Anytime, sis.

  2. update: 1A Crispy Puff @ Takashimaya doesnt have the Halal cert anymore either. I asked the cashier(apparently is a indian makcik – wear tudung) and she said it's halal but have not receive the cert! *shrugs*

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