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Manja had contacted me previously and wanted me to research on “bargain food” (less than $2) . Then we went out for a “food tour” together. It was a great day of fun!We tasted the food together and had commented on it. It was interesting to work with them and the food stall owners. They were very professional yet down to earth…(Thank you, Aizam, Aziza and Elbert!…all stall owners that were featured and those “behind the scenes”…thank u for the vibrant opportunity! And ..especially the readers…)

p.s: The food article in MANJA -The dosai stall is not the ones that I used to enjoy. The man is no longer there. I think he stopped a year ago. The stall had changed owners. Previously, I can smell the margarine toasted dosai metres away… so when I brought the MANJA team there, I just found out about that…*Sigh …but I love the old kopitiam ambience and they still use the same way of eating the dosai… on paper.
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2 thoughts on “Featured in Manja Magazine”

  1. Hey, great job!! You r no more a cyber celeberity, but more than that now…
    The makcik at Bedok brings nostalgic memories..Have not met her for 23 years, and its good to see her appear in the mag. Must go back to have the good old dosage of mee rebus..
    Thanx Putri….

  2. Me a celebrity? hehe…more than a celebrity?Wow!*blush U praise me too much, Im just typical normal foodie. But thanks for the motivation! Yeah, the nenek was quite strong for her age and was always smiling. I like her…and her food. Love it!

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