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Remember there was a time, when this BOTTLE tree village is NEW and HOT? Well, this time, the HALAL Restaurant is operational. And I went to take a sneak peak. I was there during lunch time, I wasnt sure whether they would be open because this area is popular in the evening and nights only. But I try it anyway….

Sembawang Eating House (seafood restaurant)
Bottle tree Village
60 Jalan Mempurong
(2nd LEVEL)
tel: 67589692
CLOSED ON MONDAY-(thanks anonymous!)

YIPEE! They are open and I get to taste their sumptious food while enjoying the sea breeze (very windy). The price range are from $25-$25, as for the fresh fishes, crabs and others are seasonal price (perhaps need to weigh and they did not display the price)
I was greeted by indonesian waitresses. I had the whole restaurant all to myself and family. We chose the food that were “recommended” by the chef (denote by the asterisks shown in the menu).

Waited about 10-15mins and the curry squid came. I wasnt expecting this gravy. I thought curry squid would be squid fried with curry leaves in a dry state. But this is WET CURRY with GRAVY and is SHIOK! It tasted like chinese Indonesian CURRY. Thick and very lemak (thick coconut gravy).

This seafood tofu was served second. I had always love tofu in hot plate or not. This tofu is refreshingly GREAT! The tofu is soft fresh and squishy,the vegetable are FRESH and CRUNCHY,mushrooms are nice. I like the shelless prawns and squid ring and not forgetting ,the “chewy-abalone-looking seafood” I think its topshell or something (whereby u can get a canned at supermarket from $7-$15 per can). I LOVE IT!

But if it is in hot plate, It will be SIZZLING hot shiok!!
The above is prawns in duck eggs. I thought it would be fried in duck eggs. (I’ve been craving for those crabs fried in saltish duck eggs like those in KL, I read about it somewhere but its not HALAL)The outer layer is crispy and the prawns are fresh, the egg (yolks only) are ok. Really, its’ not what I had in mind but not bad.Hmm…

Ordered bandung (not sweet, a bit diluted BUT fragrant) and kalamansi juice but I think, I chose my POKKA green tea over them.

For $38.80 for 3-4 person servings. its quite good. I love the fact that the food served are made from FRESH ingredients. Love it! I wonder how their steamed fish will taste…..*drools.

Verdict: Will come back for more…..insya-Allah.

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p.s: What I love is that there is a mosque at a walking distance (a kampung style mosque) and so it’s very convenient.
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16 thoughts on “Bottle Tree Village seafood”

  1. I was driving around aimlessly with my family two weekends ago when we decided to drop by the place. Unfortunately, we already had lunch before that so we didn't try the food. But the prices seemed reasonable, i guess.

    The area is very nice, feel like you're not in S'pore. Those who like nature and kampung environment (like my wife) will love it. Recommended!

    Will definitely go there with my family again, InsyaAllah.

    1. Sorry. Its a mix up.

      Sembawang Eating House is Halal Certified,
      but the Bottle Tree Seafood Restaurant is not.

  2. Btw, i see you used the Seafood Tofu picture as your website banner! The dish must've been very very shiok! Lol! 😀

  3. Hi, I think the halal restaurant is closed on Mondays.
    Went there just now with my colleagues but it was closed. But, not a wasted trip as my colleagues have not been there – very nice view!

  4. Faisal-U r rite, I love the seafood tofu. And u have an eye for details.Indeed the price is reasonable…

    Anonymous-Thanks for the tip! The staff did not mention about this when I ask. Sorry about that..

    CT-so when are u going? Don't forget to share2 ur favourite items in their menu.

  5. hey… i cant wait to go to this place for my bdae. grrr… abt half a mth away. patience does it. oh have u been to the buffet spread at taman merdeka, malaysia? its rather delicious. its oppo rtm building.

  6. Izzy-Let me wish u early "Happy B'day!" and may that day be filled with yummy food enjoyed with ur loved ones…heheh!

    Taman Merdeka buffet? Hmm…never been there. But I did see the RTM building. Thanks for the tip!

  7. I tried:
    1)Chilli Crab[by weight](Nice)
    2)Sweet & Sour Garoupa[by weight] (Very nice)
    3)Roasted Chicken (ok only)
    4)Sambal Kangkong (Nice)
    5)Hotplate Beef (Nice)

    2 Crabs cost me $60 @ $4/gr while 1 Red Garoupa cost me $80 @ $8/gr. Quite Ex for the fish & crab but not bad.

  8. Hey Putri! Do try their French beans fried with Garlic, Mixed Vege soup and Black Pepper Crab and Fried Man Tou next time u go there! I went with my bf and ate that last week! The Crab is huge!!! I believe its the best halal seafood restaurant in Singapore. Maybe we can meet up one day and go together again…if u dun mind hanging out with a stranger… hehe!

  9. VEE!!!! U make me salivate non-stop. hehe! Fried mantou? wow…I want! I want!! Hmm, dining with stranger, i dont mind..thanks for sharing..

  10. Evianman-one evian please.hehe! WOW! Chilli crabs…sweet and sour garoupa WOW!! Too bad, my pocket is having recession.Thanks for sharing these yummy recommendations. *droolz bucket overflowing.

  11. Vee-End of May sounds good.Wanna meet ,only both of us , or do u want to invite other readers as well? Its your call…

  12. Sure! Anyone interested can join us! hmm…30th May (Saturday), will it be alirhgt for u? Shall we go for lunch?

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