Where are my PHOTOS??

Down with the New Year’s bug….
Sore throat …(sexy voice)

I was thinking that Suria should have a program of “LOST and FOUND Makan Places” (HALAL version) seriously,everytime, Gurmit and Michelle host that program, my saliva started to drool but the HALAL places shown are too limited.Hmm… (Mr Suhaimy /Najib Ali or any creative zany people out there, can u hear my PLEA…or droolz…)

Just woke up to check my blog…reply to some comments.
and to my Horror(!!!!)…..

“Where are my photos??!!”

I’ve just started using this Photobucket…. the bandwith had exceeded in such a short time. Hmm..

Dear Readers, please be patient….while I figure this out…

(I’m a “cheap skate” , I want FOC service!!!)


Time for my medicine.
I think this blog also get the “bug”….heheh!

I need some porridge…my comfy food.

Eh, I saw this advertisement in Berita Harian today..

The header was

” The BEST porridge in Singapore?”

I read further…
Fish, Chicken, Prawn,Cuttlefish and peanut Porridge are available
Also available Mee Siam and Mee Rebus. BEST!

“GERAI SEDAP!SEDAP!” (sorry cannot translate this becos it tickles me..hhheheh!)

At Bukit Batok coffeeshop CC or something
(kedai kopi kelab masyarakat Bt Batok)
Bukit Batok Central
Near Bt Batok MRT station
Closing day-Tuesday.

We will ensure your satisfaction!-(eheehee)
(Kami akan memastikan kepuasan anda)

Alamak….11.30pm ….closed already

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5 thoughts on “Where are my PHOTOS??”

  1. You are getting TOO famous lah. I think it's time you start paying for your bandwidth.

    Either that or go the cheap way – scatter your photos among different online photo hosting services! Lol! 🙂

  2. hi putri,

    maybe u can now create ur own website.. u can try using freewebs.. there can also have albums to put in ur photo..
    or many the photos u can put under picasa

  3. Yeah, Tina…that was what I did previously, now Im left with 3% of space left in blogger. *Sigh. Anyway, thanks for ur care and concern.:)

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