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NEW ZEALAND Natural ice-cream, HALAL?


I was window shopping in PARAGON when I saw a nice-looking lady in headress serving NEW ZEALAND Natural Ice-cream. I asked her is it HALAL and few similar HALAL related questions. She answered me yes but it’s not HALAL-certified .She was busy serving other customers but yet she is willing to give me her full attentiveness and flash me a very broad smile.Very warm, customer oriented staff… the company is lucky to have her…She came back to me after she was done with her customers.

Photobucket Photobucket

I sat there and watched her work then I snaps some pics even the leftovers cups left by customers (hehe!).They really enjoyed their dessert (from the expressions on their faces)

Anyway, to confirmed (as usual)…

Dear Putri,

Thank you for your enquiry of New Zealand Natural ice cream.

New Zealand Natural ice cream is manufactured in New Zealand and directly imported to Singapore. There is no animal related products (except milk products) nor alcohol. The ice cream is HALAL compliance but not certified at present. Future plan to apply for certification is in the pipeline as it will be expanding its market presence to countries which require such certification, like the Middle East countries.


Stanley Wong


New Zealand Natural

p.s: Another brand to look for… its HALAL certification in the near future!

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2 thoughts on “NEW ZEALAND Natural ice-cream, HALAL?”

  1. Yah, let's hope they actually do get the cert! Not like Orange Julius & Starbucks here who announced to get the cert some donkey years ago and still nothing!

    Hopefully Yami Yogurt would go halal too.

  2. Hi there,

    I came across this while googling for halal ice cream cake. Anyway, I am a Muslim girl living in NZ. I am not sure if the ice cream you are talking about are produced straight from NZ. But I have emailed NZ Natural about 2 years ago regarding their ice cream, and they did pass the email around but finally their food tech person emailed me back and confirmed with me what flavours are halal & what don't. NOT all flavours are halal. Some do have alcohol, albeit in very small amount. Some have gelatine. If you find out where the ice cream are produced, you can email them.

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