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Have a blessed wedding @$3500 only! (All inclusive)

Though in this troubled times, one cannot prolong good things. So when Sultan Mosque conjure such events, I gave my full suport to them (though I’m already married). This is a good gesture to help couples in troubled times to tie the knot and increase the number of baby boomers.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get married TOGETHER!!! (err…Im not included)

Date of wedding: 7th of June 2009
Package cost: $3500 per couple (INCLUSIVE of Kadi (solemnizer), reception, Wedding clothes,Videos+photos & others…)

Do call them for more information or BOOKING at:
Sultan Mosque
3 MUSCAT road
Singapore 198833
tel:+6562934405 Fax: +6562932463

Other events:
Majlis Cukur Rambut Beramai-ramai (for newborns/babies)
date:14th March
Cost: $200(INCLUSIVE of Marhaban choir, Nasi bungkus serta berkat (food +door gift), sijil/certificate dan calendar) and perkakas cukur rambut (I wonder what this it the cutting equipment?hmm..)

Okay LET’s EARN some $$$$ (Maybe I will participate, see how…)
$250 Per Stall @ EXPO for EXPO MAULID Wednesday 11-15March 2009
(For food /clothing/accessories/items… stalls.)

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