I was reading something at the http://singaporehalalfood.com/ forum. It was about, how can we be sure that the person selling the food is MUSLIM. This is because we need to know whether it is HALAL-certified or MUSLIM-OWNED.

One way is to ask the person directly. No doubt about that. But what if any TOM, DICK or HARRY just admit that he is MUSLIM to sell his products as HALAL whereas it is not (IS there such a person?!) Then must we ask him to say the 2 kalimah syahadah or the Surah Al-Fateha which some countries did to allow the person into the mosque.

Hmm, tough question….

Ask I wanted to open my mouth…another friend chipped in. “I got this SINGH friend who can recite the SURAH FATEHA with no difficulty but he is not MUSLIM. The reason being, he mixed with malay muslims in his childhood kampung days and he must have heard it amongst his friends or probably heard it in the mosque (loudspeaker or something) .”

I was err….ok…this is something NEW….

So, what can I say…

There is no definite answer…best is to ask yourself, tepuk dada tanya selera, (tepuk perut tanya nak makan aper..hehe~)

If u “was-was” (unsure), SKIP it. If u are sure, then EAT it of course with HALAL certification being displayed or after u gather info that it is MUSLIM owned eatery.

OR u can be like another friend of mine, she said that those who are non-Malays…and if u want to know whether they are MUSLIMS (still u need to ask them personally) , there is a “Cahaya nur” on their faces.

I rest my case…

Disclaimer: This post is not referring to anyone, any race or any religion (not discriminating of any sort) in particular , just sharing what I talk about during my coffeeshop talk…..

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1 thought on “Discussing…”

  1. Good food for thought!

    I thought to have the MUIS cert, the company must have at least 1 Muslim worker. But often when I pass by some outlets of Smiling Orchid, Old Chang Kee, Prima Deli & Polar Puff, the staff are all Chinese (well who knows one of them is Muslim, but doubt so…)

    Well then again, some non-Muslims are more strict with 'halal-ness' than Muslims themselves…..

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