$2.50 Nasi Briyani, where?

Update 2010-the stall is no longer there.

The hunt for cheap food continues…

Name: YRA Indian muslim food (far end near to the chinese HALAL seafood)
Location: ABC food centre @ Bukit merah

When I get there, its closed, I wonder what time do they open?

Oh that reminds me, I met an acquaintance that describe a very yummy briyani that I am drooling buckets (Thanks Azizah!).

BRIYANI EXPRESS (the last row nearest to the fabrics stalls)
Geylang Serai Temporary Market
Opens only 4 days (Thursday sometimes, friday,saturday and sunday)

I heard that everytime, they opened, the briyani are up for grabs, those late comers….can suck their thumbs at one corner.heheh!

But then thinking back, I think someone (a reader, thanks whoever u are!) mentioned this last year or the year before…Hmm *rewinding.
Felt very dejavu…

I wonder whether it can beat my favourite BRIYANI!! I need to try it out….*counting the syilings again..heheheh!

Eh, let’s talk more about BRIYANI …where else but the BRIYANI LOUNGE ,of course!

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