$2.50 mutton soup!!!

Okay let’s be frugal this year.

One of the cheapest mutton soup and yet it is so TASTY with generous mutton meat.
(Got this tip from a friend.Thanks friend!)

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Location: Commonwealth Crescent Market Food centre
Time: 3pm-4am
(not in the new building but at the chinese coffeeshop, cannot missed it for sure. The only one mutton soup stall amongst the many chinese food stalls)


Tasted like-Yummy like Boon Keng Mutton soup but not as thick.Very generous with the meat.
A definite place to frequent…

At the other side , there is a tiny satay counter. Very fresh satay (only grilled when ordered) It taste nice even without the satay sauce!

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50cents per stick.

I went about 9pm. The place looked dimmed from afar but it is actually bustling with activity. Mostly chinese food. I think somewhere here there is some cheap carrot cake (I think being featured on tv before) but sorry, not HALAL.

p.s: Have checked ABC food centre-not under renovation. Perhaps..its closed due to periodically cleaning.

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