$2 sambal goreng rice.I like!

I was at Bedok Interchange around 8am. Thinking that Bedok is an old town, perhaps its food will cost about $2.


Let me “prowl” around for some cheap meals…

I thought I could eat at Inspirasi, the famous Mee Soto stall but it wasnt open yet.


So I wander about….

Then, I saw a long queue at this nasi padang stall. So I decided to take a look. We asked the staff , “What can I get with $2?” and the answer was…



“Nasi sambal goreng”.
YIPEE!! My Favourite. If u have difficulty saying it, pronounce it as “SOME-BALL GO-RING” rice please….hehhehe!

Normally nasi sambal goreng is pre-packed. But this came piping hot. And best of all, I can ask for FISH ASSAM gravy (Asam pedas) FREE!

Ok, it has rice+sambal goreng (beancurd+long beans) +paru (cow’s lung)+serunding (dessicated coconut but this is a bit crunchier and tastier, Im not sure whether it is serunding hmm..) + bergedil (potato cutlet)…I LIKE!


My partner tried Mee Rebus for $2 from Wak Din . I find that it is a bit diluted, perhaps their other food might taste better.

Blk 217


(Eh, I think one of our famous food blogger’s wife like her lontong @ BANQUET. http://ieatishootipost.sg/2008/01/malay-kuih-lontong-shiok-ah.html)

Walk around to exercise a bit. Hmm, cannot find any other food lesser than $2.50. Most are in that price range $2.50-$3. Even banquet came out with a set breakfast meal of 2 plain pratas and hot drink =$2.50. Its no easy feat finding $2 meal nowadays.




Eh, I think McDonalds have that $2 meal for breakfast. Hmm…

p.s: Oh by the way, the favourite charkuey rojak @ Abdul Malik coffeeshop (now known as Banquet blk 217) has been found at a coffeeshop below PKMS building (opposite Darul Aman Mosque near Eunos MRT) And their chicken rice is nice too.(I ask for chicken thigh and was given at no extra charge – $3, the staff is friendly too!)

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7 thoughts on “$2 sambal goreng rice.I like!”

  1. Have you try the chicken rice beside the ‘merah delima’ shop.. Its good… cost $2.50… The shop name jefrey din, if im not wrong..

  2. Hi. Thanks for the great blog entries, it’s been quite useful to me when I need to look for places to eat. I keep staring at all the food on your blog in the middle of the night, especially I have no food around heh (:

    May I suggest that the date of your entries be shown as well? Just so that we know that the places mentioned are up to date. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous-Yeah, I think I tried that before,” The only BOTAK chicken rice” something like that on their signboard..hhee!Yeah NICE!Too bad they are not open when i was there again, recently. I think I need to come again duringlunch time…hmm…lunch time=crowded. Hmm..

    dee- Hey thanks for the suggestion. I was also thinking about it cos the previous template and this one somehow will hide the blog’s date. I did try to edit the HTML here and there but no luck, so I just add the calendar archive on the right hand side. Hope that helps! Eh dont just stare but fill up that droolz bucket too..heheh!

  4. hi putri, about the chicken rice stall, i lived near that area and have always LOVE their plate of chicken rice. love the rice, it’s nicely fragrant and soft. love the chicken because it’s just so tasty and soft!

    and normally, you may have your preferences of chicken parts because you think that the meat may be dry or whatever. well, i have my favourite parts but every parts are to die for!

    never a time where i find that the meat is too dry or tough. it’s always soft and smooth and delicious!

    as far as i know, they are closed every sunday and opened as early as 10am i think on other days. for inspirasi, they are not open in the mornings, always around after 1130am gitu.

    psst, i think it’s to give the other mee soto stall a chance or a head start, cos once inspirasi is open, everyone will que there, ehehhe

  5. Thanks (all of u) for the tips and comments. Hmm, I didnt know they have SAMBAL GORENG PENGANTIN?!!! I love!! For sure, this need a “comeback” service.

    And at the same time, will try the chicken rice again insya-Allah. Just u wait chicken…I’m going to devour u! hehe!

  6. Inspirasi opens daily at around noon.And yes,you can get mee soto,mee rebus and soto ayam for $2:)or even less than that

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