$1.50 nasi lemak + chicken drumlette??!!

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Blk 95 Henderson Rd

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I like these SARDINE curry puffs!!! They are spicy and full of SARDINE MEAT!!!! (40cents each)

This nasi lemak + 1 wing part (or drumlette) +slice of egg omelette+anchovies+sambal =$1.50. It is nice. The other packet with drumlet was gone….in my tummy..heee!


I went to this indian provision stall on a Sunday. Normally, on every Sunday morning at Ar-Rabitah Mosque (9-10am) there is a talk by Ustazah Habsah and there will be many makciks selling all sort of malay food and kuehs. This morning, I came too early, no one around so I went to the indian stall (behind the mosque) instead for “alas perut” (mini breakfast).

pssst….I heard that there is a $2.50 chicken rice at Tampines interchange (Teh Tarik coffeeshop)and they are quite generous..Hmm..

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