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Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru 1430H!!

Happy New Year (muslim calendar) to all Muslims!
May this new year be a new happy beginning for all of you filled with a blessed life with loved ones full of iman and taqwa.

Err, need to check on my new year resolutions…This year, I made it simple and hope I can fulfilled my (only 3) resolutions for this year, insya-Allah.

Anyway…just came back from Malaysia (again?!!) .Went thru the new Malaysia custom checkpoint and I feel like it is somewhat similar to Singapore Tuas checkpoint. Apart from the “F1 route” (many turns, bends..) after that…Even the custom officer that stamp our passport took a great interest on who is who from the passports given just like our custom officer (ICA).Hmm…

Just checked my blog and was surprised to see 18 comments (thanks!) and lots of emails from readers. Ok, will go thru them later on and post them up/reply.

Now need to Zzzz…..I’m “jet-lagged” (car-lagged actually).

Have a yummilicious (the final week) holidays!

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