Search for HALAL food in Australia??

I just came back from hearing the rantings of a traveller friend who had just came home from a month of escapade to Perth. She told me that most HALAL food over there is Mediterranean food like Kebab, malay food, indian food and thai food .

From her experience, its very difficult to find Australian local food (like fish and chips) which are HALAL .

Most of them went to the Harbour to have some seafood (since they sell mainly seafood and nothing else, loads of muslims frequent there)

Anyway, about the asian food sold there.The teh tarek over there could cost u AUS3.50 per cup and prata can cost u about AUS10. Hmm. Kinda costly.And she said the taste is not as comparable.(could be due to the different ingredients used)

And she said PERTH people are SUPER FRIENDLY and COURTEOUS. Everyone including bus drivers, sales person…people u meet on the streets…

hmm…anyway this is a good place to start if u are sourcing for HALAL food in Australia.

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